Public safety worth cost of roundabout

In response to Michael Welsh’s April 26 editorial letter to support a roundabout, “We are not Europe,” nor are we Australia, where roundabouts are common and work well. Australia even has a maneuver where you pull far to the left to make a right turn.

It works well there, so let’s do that here too, eh?

It’s just that I remember concerted efforts decades ago to teach Americans the metric system of measurement. Drivers and cyclists already struggle with following our current rules of the road, so I’m skeptical how we’ll acclimate to a roundabout.

However, one reason that makes sense to me in support of a roundabout is that lower speeds may save lives. That would be worth every penny.

Nannette Willis


Avenue of Flags set for Monday

The Avenue of Flags was started in 1991 by our Dallas veterans organizations. It turned out to be a tremendous project and one with great emotional impact.

They started with about 65 flags. It kept growing until last year, 2016, they put up well over 700 flags. On Memorial Day, they flew proudly in the breeze on the hill of our Dallas Cemetery.

The veterans’ volunteer work to set up the display took some physical doing and planning by a group of men and women who gave our community a gift that expresses the feelings of the whole community toward those who have given so much. If you know any of them, tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. They include members of the Dallas American Legion Post 20, the post’s auxiliary, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3203 and its auxiliary, and we also had some citizens step forward and volunteer.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Avenue of Flags will take place at Dallas Cemetery

Dennis Johnson


Avenue of Flags program coordinator

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