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College tuition

Hunt grateful for vote of community

It is an honor to have been selected to fill Position No. 1 on the Dallas School Board. I wanted to thank those of you who voted for me, as well as those who didn’t. Your votes help keep this community vital and your elected officials responsive to its needs.

A special thank you goes to board member LuAnn Meyer for her years of service to our schools and community. Her retirement has given me this opportunity to serve the families of Dallas. I am very grateful, and look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Hunt


Disrepectful drivers run amok

Bam. My walking stick rebounds off the car’s grill. Tires screech. The car slows to a stop. The driver yells, “Use a crosswalk.” I shake my head. Really? Had I not stepped back, he’d have hit me, not my stick, and this is an intersection, ergo a legal crosswalk. How’d this fool get a license to drive?

Another day, behind me, a horn blares. I’m in front of my house backing into my drive, but can’t. I get out, ask her to back up. There’s room. The driver behind her isn’t quite such a ninny. She’s not going to do it though. No way. Traffic is backing up. An SUV stops in the opposite lane. Driver asks, “What’s the problem.” I explain. She adds her 2 cents, plus, “I’m going to call the cops.” SUV driver says, “I am a cop. Back up and let him park. Even stopped in traffic, if you’re not a safe distance from the car in front, you’re still illegally following too closely.

Another day, same problem. The guy says, “This is a through street. You’re being disrespectful.” So I guess tailgating, laying on your horn and preventing someone from parking is a sign of respect.

It happens every day. The speeders, the tailgaters, the ignoring of pedestrians in crosswalks. Is this endemic of Oregon drivers, or just those passing through Dallas?

It’s time we take back our street. Every Levens intersection, delineated crosswalks. Stop signs to slow down the led-footers. Radar ticket cameras would quickly pay for themselves. Ultimately, though, for the sake of our lives if not our property values, let’s rethink the value of a route for trucks blazing down the residential middle of our town.

Michael Welsch


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