It’s countdown time for students of all ages in MI Town as the end of the school year is temptingly close. These last few days before summer vacation seem to take forever, especially with the recent Memorial Day weekend with campouts and barbecues and all those warm weather activities offer a glimpse of a wonderful season to come. Graduations and summer jobs and vacations and hanging out with friends and family are just out there, nearly within reach.

Many of our Western Oregon University students will be leaving, and we’ll miss their youthful energy and contributions to our community. There are still many activities on campus for all of us to seek out and enjoy during the summertime and all through the year.

Saturday is just around the corner and it’s the date of the monthly breakfast at the Monmouth Senior Center. On the first Saturday of every month, volunteers serve an outstanding breakfast for $6 ($3 for children younger than 12). Everybody is welcome to enjoy pancakes, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, orange juice and coffee. It’s a great opportunity to get a good start to a busy weekend, and a good place to enjoy food and conversation with family, friends and neighbors.

The sounds of saws and hammers and cement mixers are alive and well in MI Town these last few weeks, and both commercial and residential construction continues at a busy pace. We’ll have the opportunity to welcome new neighbors and businesses. This is our chance to share all the good things our community can bring to those who are going to be new residents and business partners.

Students in elementary and middle school are invited to the Monmouth Public Library Saturday at 2:30 p.m. A Little Bits Makerspace Workshop will be held, where those participating can work on inventions and complex electronics, using magnetic modules. Here’s a chance to build electronic boards and inventions quickly, without using solder.

And while we’re on the subject of library activities, do check both Monmouth and Independence library pages to see what’s planned for summertime. The seed lending libraries still have both flower and vegetable seed packets available (three packages per day). If you participate in the free program and have more produce than you or your family can use, please share with your friends and neighbors (Full disclosure: Pea and bean plants are growing well in our backyard garden, with the promise of goodies to come).

The welcoming warm weather brings more kids and wagons and bicycles to our neighborhood streets, so please be extra watchful and careful when driving —especially at dusk.

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