Ted and Ethelene Osgood went with friends for several days the week before last to Florence to the Oregon Dunes National Park to ride dune buggies. They stayed in their motor home at a campground nearby and had a great time. The setting beautiful and weather just right, and the friends were nice, too.

Daniel and Heidi Russell have been having quite a time with the wildlife lately. Between foxes and raccoons, they’ve lost two ducks and five chickens this spring. They had a fox playing on their porch at night last week. A guest commented, “sometimes your cats don’t even look like cats.” Daniel looked out and said, “because that’s not a cat!” They watched the fox for a while before it wandered away. The chicken house and pen are being appropriately upgraded. Interesting note: They’ve heard of multiple other fox sightings in the last two weeks.

The Pedee campus of the Luckiamute Valley Charter Schools is making life interesting (and useful) for their middle school students. Two weeks ago, the boys went to Drift Creek while the girls had a ladies’ tea, where they brushed up on hostess manners and had some tasty tea tidbits. Then last week, the girls hiked at Cascade Head while the boys hosted a mother/son tea and participated in an etiquette class where seventh grade teacher Jerry McGuffee even taught them to tie a tie. The guys appreciated having a heads-up on all the tricky social niceties, and very much enjoyed entertaining the mothers that could come.

Last week I went to Kings Valley Charter School to read to four grade school classes for the Ag in the Classroom Ag Literacy Project. Each year volunteers go to as many classes as possible around the state and read a pre-selected book on a facet of agriculture, and then lead the classes in a fun activity designed to help them remember concepts they learned. This year’s book told the story of how milk gets from the cow to the kids. Often I learn as much as they do. I volunteer through Oregon Women for Agriculture, where I am a member.

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