LaCreole paving finished

The strip of asphalt on LaCreole Drive has been repaired.

Photo by Jolene Guzman
The strip of asphalt on LaCreole Drive has been repaired.

DALLAS — A repair job repaving a driving lane on LaCreole Drive recently finished, after a NW Natural expansion project required tearing up part of the street and sidewalk.

The work was expected to take place in June, but was delayed because asphalt contractors have been spread thin since spring due to the volume of work available in the region.

“Unfortunately, the gas company … has been having the same problems that we’ve had with contractors this year. They got pushed way back,” said City Manager Ron Foggin at a Dallas City Council meeting on Oct. 16.

The NW Natural project to improve service to customers on the south side of Dallas was completed in March.

The work left a narrow temporary patch on one side of the road.

City Councilor Micky Garus asked about the project at the meeting, saying he had been getting questions from residents about when the fix would happen.

“The asphalt contractor believes they can get the project done before the weather shuts them down,” Foggin said. “They are trying to get is done this week. We really questioned their rolling the dice against the weather.”

The gamble worked, as sunny, dry weather last week gave the contractor the window it needed. Foggin said the project is complete.

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