Turf field fundraiser coming

Mid-Valley Ford general manager Jeff Davenport will hold a fundraiser for the booster club.

Photo by Jolene Guzman
Mid-Valley Ford general manager Jeff Davenport will hold a fundraiser for the booster club.

DALLAS — The Dallas Booster Club and Mid-Valley Ford will hold a fundraiser Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Dallas High School.

Mid-Valley Ford will have cars at the school for people to test drive. Those who participate are asked to fill out a survey after the drive.

The Drive 4 UR School fundraiser will donate $20 for each test drive through the Ford Motor Company, up to $6,000.

“We thought with the turf project that this was a very worthwhile cause to be involved with,” Mid-Valley Ford general manager Jeff Davenport said.

Money raised will go toward the Field Turf project.

“It’s going quite well. We’ve brought in a lot of cash donations from the different events we’ve had, including the turf kickoff event at the high school on Sept. 29,” Booster Club President Stephanie Earhart said. “We’ve sold a lot of the logo spots on the field.”

There are six logo spots on the home side of the field, each sold for $25,000. They are 10 yards in length.

The six logo spots on the visitor side cost $15,000 each and can be split between two businesses or organizations.

Earhart said people don’t have to contribute a lot of money to help out.

“We are fundraising on all different levels,” she said. “We are working on grants from different foundations in the area. We’ve got the logos. Then we’ve got Bottle Drop, which is literally something that every person in Dallas can help us with, saving their cans and bottles.”

The Bottle Drop fundraiser collects bottles and cans for money for the turf project.

“We’ve raised over $2,000 alone in Bottle Drop,” Earhart said. “Our goal is $10,000. I’m sure we will make it.”

Later this year the Booster Club will do a cinnamon roll holiday fundraiser.

“We are going to have ongoing different events,” she said.

Earhart is optimistic about reaching the goal for installing turf this year.

“I feel like we are making good progress, and we’re going to get there.”

The Booster Club’s goal is to raise $850,000 in pledged cash and in kind work.

The club has to order materials in April and still has a few months to fundraise after that if it hasn’t reached its goal.

“I would love it if we were almost there in April, and I don’t doubt we are going to make it,” Earhart said.


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