City, club perfect pickleball partners

The Dallas Pickleball Club would like to say thank you to the city of Dallas for building the beautiful, new pickleball courts just east of the aquatic center. The courts are fantastic, and we so appreciate being able to play on dedicated courts instead of the tennis courts which we had to chalk lines upon in order to play. We would also like to thank the Rotary Club for their financial grant and physical labor in helping set posts and more during the construction process.

Personally, I would like to thank the many of my fellow Dallas Pickleball Club members who came out in the rain to help set posts, install fencing, plant shrubs and spread bark.

Your labor shows a commitment to the city of Dallas of being good stewards of the courts they built for the area’s pickleball players. I also want to thank the club’s founding fathers, Dick Winn, Gary Epperly, and Butch Nelson, as well as Bill White for his part in acting as the club’s liaison to the city of Dallas during the building of the courts.

LaVeta Day


Monmouth mayor limits dialogue

I thought it best to present my thoughts directly to the Monmouth City Council at their last meeting.

Thus, I asked Councilwoman Laurel Sharmer to read my less than three-minute letter to the council during “citizen input” because, as a care giver to two family members, it is difficult for me to be out in the evenings. I wrote:

“Sue Teal, the senior center director for the city of Monmouth for 28 years, will celebrate a well-earned retirement on Nov. 30. Sadly, you deemed it necessary in the last budget cycle to lower her wage as she ends her long service. The position was reduced from 0.88 to 0.75 in the last budget cycle. However, since the line item adopted amount for this year is actually a bit higher than last — not sure why given the reduction — at least the funds are there to pay her retroactively. This can be done with a council resolution to pay Sue her former wage until her tenure is completed and would demonstrate sincere appreciation for her contributions. This action would further demonstrate integrity on your part for how our city treats a loyal employee.”

This letter was met with silence.

Further, Mayor (Steve) Milligan said that during the “Citizen Comments” agenda item, he will no longer allow individual councilors to read statements from residents who cannot attend the meeting. Such comments will now have to be sent to City Recorder Phyllis Bolman at City Hall.

Why? Is Ms. Bolman more skilled in public speaking? There are issues regarding genuine dialogue with our city council.

Must citizen letters now be reviewed before meetings?

Turned in by a certain date? This action by the mayor limits dialogue further.

Nannette Willis


How many will die before gun reform

Only way for reasonable gun laws is for grieving families and associates becoming large enough to cast influence.

This will cost millions and millions of lives. How long do we let it take?

Mike Neufeldt


Growth not what Monmouth needs

This is not meant to be an attack on anyone specifically, but as a general observation on conditions.

Yea, city of Monmouth.

More overpriced, nondescript, open-space killing, warehouse-type housing. More cars, more pollution, more people, more crap, more pressure on a lagging infrastructure.

Does anyone in government ever consult with teaching, fire and police departments, hospitals, city maintenance and utilities departments about what is good and/or safe for the community?

Or is everything really driven by money? Developers, speculators. Positions gained by favors and collusion?

Oh well, at least another place to buy cheap, fast, bad food is going to open.

How about renaming Monmouth “Pizza City USA”?

Ah, growth — isn’t it wonderful.

Louis Stuckey


Santa Train needs toy, candy donations

Please help the Independence Downtown Association, Independence Elks B.P.O.E. 1950, and the city of Independence in gathering gifts for the area children for the Santa Train event on Dec. 2.

Collection bins are located at Young Realty, Arena Bar and Grill, Brew Coffee and Tap House, Chase Bar and Grill, Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce, YMCA and the Independence Elks.

Any extra toys will be donated to Toys for Tots program.

Teri Gregson


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