We celebrated Veterans Day with a very special and tasty breakfast at the Monmouth Senior Center on Saturday morning. Thanks so much to the Senior Center, DAV and AmVets Ladies Auxiliary for volunteering to honor our veterans and their families on this cold and wintry day. We certainly appreciate all you do in our communities.

Our Western Oregon University Wolves met Simon Fraser University in the last home game of the football season later in the afternoon, capping off another fun and enjoyable season.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. On Friday the 13th of October, I joked about scheduling a mammogram on that day, but since I’d been having yearly mammograms since I was in my 40s, and always getting good results, it was no big deal. The tech told me they had a new machine which was much better than previous ones. Then I returned home and went on with the day and busy weekend, which included a home football game on the WOU campus.

The following week, I was scheduled for an ultrasound on the left breast because of abnormalities. The test went well, and I was told the MD wanted to see me. She came into the room with the tech and proceeded to show, and tell me, there appeared to be cancer cells inside my left breast and we needed to schedule a needle biopsy to follow up, just to confirm her suspicions.

I was scheduled for a needle biopsy and just wanted get this over and done with, to meet with the surgeon and get everything fixed. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But I’m scared … and having beat back cancer once more than 30 years ago … I don’t want to go through surgery and whatever comes afterward. Chemo? Radiation? Physical therapy? All, or any of the above.

Don is wonderful throughout this entire journey. He has told his children, who are supportive, have said nice things and are praying and that is very important to me.

I have told my children and they are concerned. Beverly is an RN and Geoff, a pharmacist. They have more medical knowledge in their little fingers than I have in my whole body. Geoff sends me texts every day, which I really appreciate. Beverly is busy finishing up her nurse practitioner education, work and running a household. Even so, I know she is concerned and worried, too.

I’ll be sharing my journey with everyone for the next several weeks as I walk through uncharted territory, accompanied by a wonderful medical team and supportive professionals at the Pastega Cancer Center at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis.

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