Alex Russell celebrated his 11th birthday for three whole days. He started with a party with family and friends after church on Oct. 29, his actual birthday, the party starring a piñata in the shape of a castle which was broken by sister Aliyah. Afterward the family trekked to Newport for three gorgeous days with friends James and Jennifer Mellein and their kids Leo and Annika and Jenny’s parents, Belden and Barbie Hedgpeth. Tom and Amy Gilson and their kids Charlie, Cambria, Cameyna, and Callen, were at the coast so joined in the fun, including playing for two beautiful days on the beach with just as beautiful sunsets.

Paul and Diane Telfer are home now after vacationing in Pennsylvania, where they researched ancestors and walked 10 miles of the the Appalachian Trail one day and eight another. After getting home they then babysat son and daughter-in-law David and Kelly’s two kids for three days, to give them time alone.

The Kings Valley Charter School’s high school students have opened their coffee shop, Kings Crossing, for their third year of business, and will be including demos and activities, as well as coffee and pastries and local crafts. Their first day was last Nov. 11, and honored veterans with a patriotic craft at 9:30 a.m., singing by students, and a free cup of coffee and pastry for past and current service members. The shop is open from 9 a.m. to 1 pm each Saturday through January 6th. Call the school and ask for Jennie Wilder if you would like to be a vendor there.

I’ll report on the Pedee Women’s Club’s holiday bazaar next week, but on Thursday evening I went down to help with setting up and loved seeing at least 30 past and present Pedee neighbors working hard to prepare for the event. Juandeane Skidmore’s daughters Teresa and Beth were there from out of state to help and Chad Behnke is back in Oregon after several years of working and living elsewhere, and so was pitching in, among several others. It was just so cool to see so many of the community working together to pull this annual event off.

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