Call your Congress about new tax plan

Right now, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the Congressional “tax reform” efforts in Congress. Sadly, we know the plan about to pass will eliminate the Qualified Veterans Mortgage Bond (QVMB) program across the nation — including Oregon.

Our program (ORVETS) was established in 1945. It is the primary reason more than 340,000 Oregon Veterans could purchase a home. Since their origin, these low-interest loans continue to make a profound difference in the lives of military families throughout our state.

At a time when we continue to ask so much of the men and women we send into harm’s way, elimination of this successful program is, quite simply, theft: Theft of the dream of home ownership for thousands of struggling veterans.

The irony is rich. Tax policy experts across the ideological spectrum admit the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans will benefit disproportionately from the Congressional tax plan. However, in what universe is it acceptable — or morally right — to steal the dreams of our veterans to pay for a windfall for rich?

Wealthy Americans benefit disproportionately from the peace and stability made possible by the sacrifice, selflessness, and service of our veterans. Stealing away the dream of home ownership from our veterans is dereliction of duty.

We still have time to stop the madness. Tell Congress we will not pay for tax cuts for the rich by stealing from our veterans. We must stand up for all who stood for us. Call today.

Rep. Paul L. Evans


Trump takes from those who hurt

On Nov. 2, Trump stated; “We are giving them (voters) a big, beautiful Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut … .” There are presents for everyone in the GOP/Trump tax sham.

Some gifts and some lumps of coal. For example, our children and heirs who will have the gift of paying the $1 trillion that the tax, cut mostly for the rich, will add to the U.S. deficit. Merry Christmas.

For folks struggling to pay off student loan debt, their gift is that the interest on that debt is no longer deductible. The cost of the debt will now include more taxes. Merry Christmas. For those people struggling with dependents with chronic medical issues; those extra medical expenses will no longer be deductible. Merry Christmas.

Planning to contract a rare disease? The tax credit of 50 percent for the cost of clinical testing for cures will be eliminated. Merry Christmas.

Thinking about adopting an orphaned child? Reconsider, because the $13,750 tax credit will be eliminated. Merry Christmas. Are you a teacher serving America in the classroom?

Well, those expenses you incur buying needed classroom supplies will no longer be deductible.

Merry Christmas. Had your home destroyed by a natural disaster or other event? Losses from these events will no longer be deductible.

Merry Christmas. There are plenty more gifts just like the above.

If you’re a family with no special expenses then the increased personal deduction seems like a good deal. It is a “Look at what we're doing for you” ploy.

Meanwhile if life has thrown you a curve ball, then look for the target on your back. That’s what Trump and the GOP like to see.

Their motto appears to be, “Let’s shaft those who are already hurting.”

Fred Brown


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