It was another good year for the Pedee Women’s Club holiday fair. The soup and pie were close to selling out, with lines out the door from 10 a.m. till almost 2 p.m.. They did well with their new menu item, hotdogs, too, with only a few left at the end of the day. This was the first year for the silent auction, which was popular, and several quilts club members had made were sold. The vendors seemed pleased, too. The soldier quilt which they sold tickets for most of the year was won by Lisa Willden, of Pedee, the first time a Pedee resident won. The women appreciated and thank the men of the Pedee Fire Department, who helped with the setting up; they really couldn’t do it without their help.

Brennan Burbank got his elk this year — his second, the first being when he was 12 — 15 years ago. He didn’t say where. He and his dad, Dave Burbank, cut it up themselves, which took most of a day. Nice to have a full freezer. Daniel Russell got his deer this year, as did Billy Traglia, who shared his with a cougar. Anyone else?

I’m writing this from Minneapolis, where we just returned from the biggest mall in the U.S., the Mall of America. It’s not just for shopping, although it has 520 stores and restaurants, but also has an amusement park in the middle complete with two roller coasters and a ferris wheel, a huge aquarium, a Lego store with full size dragon made of Legos, a miniature golf course, and much more. Wow. Families actually take their vacations there because of all there is to do. It’s the second largest in the world, and much bigger than downtown Pedee.

The Polk County Women for Agriculture is sponsoring their seventh annual Constitutional Essay Contest this year and set the deadline for Dec. 31 so students can work on their essays during the holidays. The contest is open to all Polk, Benton, and Marion county high school students, including home-schoolers, and I’m hoping Pedee students will enter. Prizes are $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place. Also, each entry will receive a $5 Dutch Bros. card and a pocket Constitution. This year, students will have a choice of three different questions to answer, so they can choose what they like. Email me, Arlene, at for a flyer with the rules.

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