Be mindful on your daily commute

On Friday, Nov. 10, I was working in the Monmouth Montessori School at 1140 E. Main St. when I heard a crash outside.

I looked out the front door and saw the last kicks of a big orange kitty that had been hit by a car.

(Are you missing your kitty?)

While I stood frozen in shock with tears in my eyes, my partner arrived at the perfect time and jumped into action.

He removed the cat from the side of the road and put it in a box. We took the cat to Ash Creek Animal Clinic where they scanned it for a chip; there was none. Thankfully they were kind enough to take care of the body for us.

Have you ever noticed that there is not a sidewalk for pedestrians along East Main Street as you head toward the S Curves?

Instead, there is a path that gets covered in mud puddles as soon as it rains, making it impassable. The only dry place to walk is in the bike path, right next to the speeding cars.

Every day I have to make the trek across that busy street with my new baby in tow to check the mail.

Every day I watch as people fly past me while I wait to cross, without giving me a second thought.

Unfortunately, the sound of a crash in front of the Montessori School is not uncommon.

Please bring mindfulness into your commute. I ask that you please slow down and use more caution as you drive, no matter where you are.

Juliet Sloan


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