One week and a day past Thanksgiving, and it’s almost time to turn the calendar to the brand new month of December. Christmas advertising has been a reality for several days now, and the music of the season is already flooding the airwaves. Food pantries and donation sites need whatever you can share with others to help brighten the Christmas season for families in the area.

Bring your family, friends and appetites to the Monmouth Senior Center this Saturday for the monthly community breakfast, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. It’s a great way to begin the season.

Continuing my medical journey, the radiologist called to confirm that I do have breast cancer. Pretty much was a foregone conclusion, I told her, but still kind of scary to get the definitive word. She is a very bright and gentle soul and gave me the phone number of a breast cancer surgeon, and suggested I call as soon as possible.

I did contact the cancer surgeon’s office to schedule an appointment and they were able to schedule me for the same day due to a cancellation. As we walked in the office door, the Nurse Navigator for the cancer program was there to say hello and give me a lot of printed information about support programs available for patients and their spouses and families. It was such a welcoming and thoughtful gesture.

My exam was brief, and I met with the cancer surgeon for a good, long and informative appointment where he explained ultrasound and lab tests, the options for treatment and the procedures to follow. My head was swimming with so much information, and between the two of us, we were able to remember the conversation and take additional notes.

I called Beverly as soon as we got home. In the course of her nurse practitioner studies, she had recently written a paper about breast cancer treatment and outcomes, so had a lot of things to talk about. Geoff called me in the evening to give me his thoughts and treatment options as well. What a relief to get even more information. The bottom line here is that both kids and Don have reiterated that it is my decision and my decision alone regarding what treatment options to follow.

After several days of deliberating, I decided to have the lumpectomy surgery, with six weeks of radiation to follow. It’s the best choice for me, I believe, and will be much less invasive than the mastectomy. Since the cancer is very small at this time, I’m relieved we caught it very early. I’m grateful for great medical care and very knowledgeable medical professionals.

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