Dallas council talks summer ’18

DALLAS — In October of last year, a taskforce began to meet bringing together businesses and organizations involved with activities revolving around the Great American Eclipse.

While the group wasn’t responsible for all planning, it was a good way to stay up-to-date with eclipse activities and events, said one of the taskforce’s founders Dallas Mayor Brian Dalton.

He and a few other people in the taskforce would like to see it continue with a new mission: Summer 2018.

The new taskforce will have its first meeting on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at Pressed Coffee & Wine Bar, 788 Main St. More meeting will be scheduled if the group decides to continue working.

Dalton said after the success of the eclipse event, many people want to see local events improve. He introduced the idea of the summer events taskforce to the Dallas City Council Monday.

Work on that front has already begun at the Dallas Area Visitor’s Center, the host of events such as Freedomfest, Sounds of Summer and Summerfest. The organization has formed a group looking at revamping Summerfest.

Dalton said in an invitation to the first meeting that the goal for the group isn’t to plan each activity or to duplicate the effort of others, but serve as a “cross-organizational forum to coordinate the events coming up this summer.”

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