Making America great takes work

Immigrants make America great if:

They love America.

They respect the laws of the land.

They learn the language and don’t feel entitled to have everything presented to them in a language other than English.

They pay their own way.

They don’t rape the system by entitlements.

Yes, we are all immigrants, but America didn’t achieve its greatness by expecting special services and privileges.

America became great by everyone doing their fair share and paying their own way by hard work and integrity.

Help make America great. Be true Americans.

June Stout


End of life made easier by services

The family of Juanita Baker would like to thank Tonya Smith and the staff at Blue Haven Residential and Memory Care Facility in Dallas, and also Serenity Hospice for the wonderful care shown to Juanita during her final journey. Everyone was so kind, caring, compassionate and professional to her and her family. It gave us great peace of mind.

We appreciate all that they did to keep her comfortable, and we will be eternally grateful for their guidance at this difficult time. And our thanks also to Mike Bollman, of Bollman Funeral Home, and his staff for their kindnesses and professionalism.

Randy and Linda Baker


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