The late President Lyndon Baines Johnson once said that people you could go to the well with were treasures above everything else. When pressed for an explanation, he spoke of the Texas frontier in the 1800s when there were dangers lurking everywhere, and when the early settlers went to the well for water, they depended on trustworthy people to protect them from wild animals and unsavory people. Their lives and the lives of their loved ones depended on it.

These days, when we need water it’s simply a matter of turning on the tap, and the days are long gone when we fear wild animals or scary people when we’re thirsty. When we want to read a book or the newspaper, a simple flick of a switch floods our room with plenty of light. Our communities are protected from dangers by police and firefighters and we can live safely compared to those folks who long ago bravely set out for lands unknown.

In MI Town, there are many people you can “go to the well” with. Our communities abound with men and women who are willing to lend a hand and help when it’s necessary. People who stand up and do whatever it takes to help lessen a burden or walk a dark mile beside you. People who offer to work on their scheduled day off so a coworker can attend a funeral. People who roll up their sleeves and pitch in to do the heavy lifting when others are unable. No amount of money or fame can even begin to compare to having people in our world who we can truly step up to the task at hand. We are blessed to live in our caring and giving community.

Unfortunately, there are those in MI Town who — for whatever reasons — don’t take a few minutes to toss half-empty coffee containers or other debris in the nearby receptacle, and it ends up on the sidewalk or in a parking lot. Our merchants and their workers are busy providing good customer service, and certainly shouldn’t have to pick up after everyone as well.

It doesn’t take but a moment to properly dispose of trash and litter, and our community is better for our extra efforts. Remember when we used to keep litter bags in our cars? Let’s all work together to keep our streets and neighborhoods clean and neat.

The return of the rains and the change of seasons give us even more reasons to be careful when driving, whether on city streets or on the nearby freeways. Recent crashes have caused even more heartache and tragedy for families of those killed or seriously injured. After even one drink of alcohol, our reflexes and actions aren’t nearly as sharp as before, so if you choose to have a couple beers or a glass of wine, please arrange to have someone else do the driving.

It’s time to sample and enjoy the best homemade soups and pies in our neck of the woods. Thursday is the soup and pie sale at the Monmouth Senior Center. Hours are from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. If you’re looking for extra special gifts for friends, family or for yourself, Crafter’s Corner will be open for browsing and buying during the day.

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