Leaf collection to begin in Dallas

Leaf collection in Dallas begins soon

DALLAS — Leaves are falling, so that means Dallas’ two fall leaf collections weekends are coming up.

This year, Republic Services’ first week is Nov. 11-12. A second week is scheduled in December and these are the only weekends leaves placed in the street will be collected.

Here are a few tips to make sure leaves are hauled away:

• Leaves should be raked into the street in long rows, parallel to the curb, and at least 12 inches away from the curb.

• Avoid blocking the roadway, driveways, and bike lanes.

• Keep piles away from and clear any blocked storm drains.

• Place only leaves in the street. No other yard debris will be collected.

If you can’t rake leaves in the street for collection weekends, you can dispose of them in the following ways:

• Use them as mulch in your landscaping or lawn

• Place them in your yard debris bin

• Use any of the leaf only drop-off locations in town through Dec. 31: Park Street parking lot west end of the walking bridge; Southwest Allgood near the gate to the Parks Office; and the east end of Hankel Street

Place leaves in the street just before collection dates to prevent drain blockage and street flooding. The city will ask residents to remove leaves if they are raked into the street outside of scheduled pick-up times, said City Manger Ron Foggin.

For more information about leaf collection, Republic Services at 541.754.0444

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