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Try walking a mile in our shoes

The tragic fire on Catron Street that claimed the life of a 1-year-old affects the whole community.

As first responders, our local fire department was heroic in its efforts to save the life of that child. But tragically the fire was too intense when they tried to enter the burning house. Two of our firefighters were burned during the attempted rescue.

Our local firefighters are part of our community, and they don’t leave their job at the job. Many of them also have families and are profoundly affected by this tragedy.

We want to thank our heroes for the work they do every day. Their primary goal is to help prevent tragedies such as this.

As a reminder, check your smoke detectors regularly.

As board members, our responsibility is to see that your tax dollars are spent wisely.

Tom Snair


Board President

Polk County Fire District No. 1

Polk County Fair huge success

The 2017 Polk County Fair was a great success — in huge part to our community.

Thanks to the parents and leaders for helping young people gain new knowledge, skills and reach their project goals.

We appreciate our many award donors by honoring our winners from premium money for scholarships.

It’s exciting to watch the smiles and elation as kids earn their first blue ribbon or win a trophy. Special thanks to Cross Creek Golf Course for the loan of a golf cart that was greatly appreciated by a staff member recovering from back surgery.

The Polk County Livestock Association is a tremendous partner as sponsor of our Market Auction. They make it possible for youth to recoup much of the cost of raising their market animals.

The auction wouldn’t be successful without the many buyers. The profit from their animals will be used to pay feed bills, invest in school clothes and supplies and college tuition, going right back into the local economy.

Thanks to the fair board and management for managing the details. The superintendents do an outstanding job organizing the barns, classes and judging. It takes hundreds of hours of prepare for fair.

To our Teen Superintendents, we could not do it without you. Seeing the growth in our older youth as they help in the 4-H Fair Office to organize and deliver the awards programs makes you believe in the future of our country.

Our program year begins Oct. 1. 4-H is open to all youth grades K to 12. We hope you and your family will join us in this grand adventure we call 4-H.

It truly takes a village, and Polk County 4-H is thankful to be part of your village. Thanks for your part in helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Susan Busler

and The Polk County 4-H Staff


Kudos to organizers of party

The Dallas community recently enjoyed a spectacular party to celebrate the eclipse over a four-day weekend of Aug. 18-21. Our town welcomed visitors from neighboring communities, at least 28 states and 18 countries from as far away as Iceland, China and Romania.

Folks enjoyed fabulous music concerts, food, vendors and entertainment for young and old while shopping and celebrating in our downtown. This event showcased our downtown in a fabulous way.

Great fun was had by all with a resounding “great job” being heard from enthusiastic folks for days to follow.

This event didn’t just “happen.” Credit should go to those who put in the most time and went the extra mile for many months to prepare for this grand event. Rachel Phelps, Doug Graven, of Pressed Coffee & Wine Bar, along with the city of Dallas staff and the Dallas Downtown Association were the heavy hitters, along with the chamber and visitors center lending support.

Doug and Rachel lined up the wonderful music and professional stage that brought a spectacular display to our downtown.

They coordinated the wine and beer garden, and the wine tasting event inside Pressed. The city and DDA lined up the vendors and children’s activities.

The city arranged for some great campsites in Roger Jordan Park at the aquatic center, sent out dozens of beautiful visitors packets, and provided the community with over 12,000 protective glasses.

Finally, a big shout out to Emma Guida for continuing the arrangements she started while at the DDA as she finished her tenure working for the city.

A special thanks to Mayor Brian Dalton for organizing and coordinating the various entities in our community almost a year in advance. Everyone involved should be proud of the success of one of the biggest parties this town has ever seen.

David Morelli


Monmouth needs to do more for kids

Paul Sieber’s request for some sort of foot traffic control on access to the intersection of Sacre Lane and Church Street school crossing is well presented.

He and I are four-decade-plus residents of this neighborhood.

We have watched the area grow and traffic multiply. Ninety nine percent of that growth passes through that intersection.

Our city has looked the other way and made no effort to provide access to the new homes.

Council members sat and watched as street access was closed over the years. First a cable, then a pipe closed the end of Alberta Street, which led directly to Highway 51.

This is a street that could easily have had controlled access to our area. Then, a subdivision was permitted to build at the end of Margaret Street.

A street to connect with Hobart Road was requested but refused.

Reason given? The soil was considered unsuitable for street construction. Later, approval was given to fill in (about 4 feet of fill), and houses were built over the flood plain.

Lastly, many dollars were spent by the state in improving the S-curves. Look what they have done to provide access on the south side of the curves while effectively blocking good access to the north.

Councilor Sharmer, we support you, but please look past the council. This is also a management issue.

Harold E. Pippin


Woman is blessed by good neighbors

I have got to be one of the luckiest people in the world. I have such wonderful neighbors.

I am in the twilight years of my life, and through the kindness of my neighbors, Anna and Josh, who lent me a pair of special sunglasses, I was able to watch the eclipse. What a thrill. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

I have another neighbor named Frank. I recently took an extended trip, and Frank made sure my flowers and yard were watered. And on many a garbage pickup day, I go outside to find he has already wheeled my cans to the curb.

Across the street is my neighbor Jake, who recently did some work around my house that I have been trying to get done for the past year. And when he was done, he told me if I ever needed any help to contact him. He would be glad to help me.

And last winter when we had all the ice and snow, I got my car hung up on some ice by the mailboxes up the street. Before I knew it, two neighbors (I don’t even know their names) had pulled my car off the ice and I was free to go again.

With all the turmoil going on in this world, I can only say thank you to my wonderful neighbors. I just wish everyone was as lucky as I am.

Helvi Ross


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