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Keep ‘Polk’ in Polk County

Regarding the county name change.

Mike Nearman needs to keep his eye on the prize. Wait. In a few years go for Trump County.

He can change his own name to Mike Reaganman. This whole thing is trickle down foolishness.

Mike E. Neufeldt


Can’t legislate bike, ped safety

Everyone is expected to jump right in and vote for everything that protects anyone from anything that could possibly happen. News flash: it can’t be done.

Back in the “good old days,” parents taught their kids to “stop, look both ways, then if everything was clear, cross the street.”

Nowadays kids and bicyclists defy traffic and walk straight out without looking. I guess it would not be “cool” to let someone see you look for traffic.

Ask football players and anyone who has studied physics, if two objects try to occupy the same place, the bigger, faster and heavier one always wins.

If you can’t watch out for yourself, you had better hope that the “state” will always be there to protect you. You will not survive in the real world.

Gary Richards


Rotary Club well deserving of press

Outstanding article on Dallas’s Rotary Club.

These “unsung heroes” have accomplished great projects throughout this community for decades.

Their pride and joy is fixing up the cooking facilities in the newer section of Dallas City Park.

They also maintain the gazebos and shelters.

One great asset of our Rotary Club — the long-standing support of maintaining very successful American Filed Service Student Program over numerous decades.

My good friend Brian Shetterly was selected for such an honor — representing Dallas Rotary Club as an overseas exchange student in Norway; 1968-1969.

His two older brothers were also AFS students. Dallas High School always gets at least one AFS student each year.

They are supported by the Rotary Club and hosted by a family who dedicate their lives to the mission and goodwill of AFS.

The article stated Rotary Club honors high school students by hosting them for their meetings.

I was selected Student Rotarian from Dallas High School during May 1969.

It was a great experience speaking to the members giving the latest reports from the high school.

Ironically, Robert Cowman was Student Rotarian in 1967.

We were both members of that “other club.” Dallas High had a Kiwanis Key Club, which Robert and I were members.

The late Curt Lamb led the club. Sad to see Kiwanis go today.

Very noteworthy were members of the Rotary — especially Bob Ottaway going to Thailand to aid in purification of water supplies and ensuring Thai’s No. 1 staple — rice — remains disease-free.

That is the biography of a great club. Thank you so much for highlighting the Dallas Rotary Club. It’s outstanding recognition long overdue.

James Allgood


Keep it simple for health care

During my work in science, I learned that difficult problems can best be solved by keeping the solution simple.

(Keep It Simple Stupid.)

Hopefully, the problem of affordable health care for all U.S. citizens can be solved with a single-payer plan (Medicare E for Everyone). We will be insured by Medicare, however, as President Barack Obama had said: “This is not a free lunch.”

All workers will be paying some reasonable amount into Medicare.

We senior citizens on Social Security pay some of it to Medicare.

There will be many advantages: in a democratic society, health care should be nonprofit.

Employers and employees will not have to buy expensive insurance.

Walden Joura


Good news uplifts readers on Sept. 6

My husband and I wish to thank all those who work in putting the news in the paper.

The Sept. 6 edition was so uplifting. We both committed that there were only positive stories about our communities.

We sincerely hope you continue and make this a trend in showing how wonderful our community is.

— Mr. and Mrs. Mills

Michelle Mills


Consider those who live here first

An open plea to all who are moving or thinking of moving here.

Please respect the existing environment and communities the way they are, not the way you want to change them or what you can buy.

(Human failing — doing something just because you can.)

As someone who lost their home to speculators and developers to gentrification the long-term outcome does not justify the short-term gain for the few.

Please think about clean water and air over convenience and contrived necessities.

And where does all our waste really go?

So welcome, if you appreciate what we have, not necessarily what might be.

Louis Stuckey


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