Eclipse watchers prove thoughtful

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the local community and those who visited the Buena Vista and Hilltop cemeteries over the eclipse.

We appreciate your thoughtful care of the grounds and your respectfulness for others and their loved ones who are buried here.

Thank you for caring.

Marjorie A. Meador

The Hilltop Cemetery District Board of Directors

Robbery could provide lessons

What saddens me about the Sept. 13 article about the bank robbery is that Mr. McKean was in need of money and ended up running away with $714 in cash.

Dallas is not known as an affluent community and, Bank of America, being a very large bank-corporation, could perhaps take this opportunity to locally instill some help or alternatives for those in dire need of money, so that humbling experiences like this do not need to take place.

Anya Thaker


AFS program differs from Rotary

I would like to clarify some information presented by James Algood in his letter published Sept. 13.

He conflated two different exchange programs which have operated in Dallas for many years.

He was speaking about Rotary International sponsoring students from Dallas to go to other countries, and students from other countries to come to Dallas for school.

He described the program as American Field Service, which is a separate exchange student program. Dallas Rotary has indeed sponsored student exchange for many years.

At the same time, American Field Service, now called AFS Intercultural Programs, has been providing a similar service to our community for more than 60 years.

AFS was begun by former ambulance drivers in the American Field Service after World War II, with the mission of promoting world peace.

The first exchanges were between the U.S. and Germany in 1947.

We continue to provide opportunities for intercultural exchange for both American students and students from over 70 countries in most parts of the world.

We recommend the experience as the best way to increase understanding of our increasingly interconnected world.

Dale Derouin


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