Take responsibility for self, family

On the Sept. 13 I-O editorial page, Anya Thaker seems to feel that bank robbery is OK if the robber needs money. Perhaps what he needed was a job.

The entire county has businesses posting help wanted signs. This man decided to break the law instead.

The writer also called for more help for persons in need. It seems people do not want to take responsibility for their own lives anymore. Assistance for the needy is abundant, yet we are constantly bombarded by the media to donate to all manner of causes.

People, if you can’t take care of yourselves, I beg you to stop having children until you can. Or if you do have the wherewithal to pay your way, do it instead of spending on wants instead of needs and then asking the public to support your children.

Perhaps instead of spending on the newest tech device or cigarettes or alcohol or junk food or tattoos or fancy fingernails etc. you can support yourself and your family. Just sayin’.

Lynne I Bowen


Bank not to blame for being robbed

What happened to personal responsibility?

In response to “Robbery could provide lessons.”

The only thing “sad” about the bank robbery Sept. 13, perpetrated by Caleb McKean, was how frightened the employees of Bank of America must have felt.

Telling BOA that because this felon robbed their Dallas location they need to “take this opportunity to … help those in dire need of money” is uncalled for. Within a two-block radius of this crime, there are four community help centers that would have been more than willing to help Mr. McKean with any need from food, clothing, housing, mental health and employment.

Mr. McKean had many other options to obtain anything he needed, including money, the legal way. To tell the victims of a crime that they need to “take this opportunity” is an insult.

It should also be mentioned BOA gives around $200 million a year to charities.

Please place responsibility to where responsibility is due. In this instance, it should be on Mr. McKean.

Kayla Robertson


Turf field is a need for the community

In October of 1965, our fathers, Howard Brandvold and Buck Buchanan, along with other Dallas community-minded volunteers saw a need for a covered stadium. This vision became a community effort and in September if 1966, Dragon fans sat with pride in their new stadium.

We see a new need. We need community involvement to repeat history and support the “Field of Dreams” Dallas High School turf/track project.

The multipurpose turf would allow for year-round access to the community for sports, events such as Relay for Life, graduation and jog-a-thons.

How can you help? There are several ways you can help, please take the time to find out more about this project at www.DHSBoosterClub.org or call 971-208-5855.

All donations, large or small, will help our “Field of Dreams” come true.

Thank you.

Barbara Chaney, Claudia Drill, and Rod Buchanan


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