Online news will no longer be free

For more than a decade, we have published our news free online. Beginning Monday, we will offer online subscriptions.

That means to access all of our news stories, features and editorials online, you will need to subscribe to the website. Those who receive our print edition each week will be given complimentary access to our website.

To subscribe, give us a call so we can set you up. It will cost $4 for a month, or $20 for the year. Our print subscription is $35 a year for in-county readers — just 67 cents a week.

We have taken a long time to begin asking our readers to pay for online content, but that does not mean it’s cost us any less to produce. Our reporters are paid to go to meetings, take photos at events, interview people and share their stories. Our sales representatives are paid to find out how they can help other businesses with marketing. We have a production department which designs ads, covers, graphics and special sections.

Nothing about news is free.

We can no longer afford to give it away online.

We hope that you will enjoy free access and bear with us if you are already a subscriber. If not, we hope you will consider subscribing to our weekly print edition. If you are already one of our valued readers who has chosen to go paperless, we look forward to your online subscription.

Now that we’re charging for online content, expect to see more of it — more breaking news, more stories posted as they develop, more photos from events. Also, we will put our weekly police report back online — something we’ve kept as a print exclusive since January.

Obituaries will be available online without a subscription. Also, breaking news that may affect the health and safety of our readers will be available for free. Some other items that don’t require the work of a reporter may also be posted in front of the paywall, such as some news in briefs.

We will have a story online soon with more information about accessing the website.

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