Fred and Cindy Clark had a good visit with Cindy’s mother, Norma, a week ago. Cindy picked her up in Sacramento where she lives and they arrived in Pedee after a very dark, very smoky trip on highways 97 and 58. They stopped In Dorris to visit Norma’s grandson, his wife, and 110-month-old son and see the ranch they live on. Norma, 90, had broken her hip a year ago, but with the aid of a walker kept up with Cindy and Karen Porter when they went to Newport, where they had lunch and enjoyed great weather while shopping on the Bay Front. 

Paul and Diane Telfer flew home on Friday after serving meals with the Red Cross in the Everglades on the Gulf Coast near Everglades City. That area had finally gotten electricity back after being out for over a week and a half. Still many people without power and then, of course ,many, many people lost their homes entirely.

The McBeth/Burbank 47th annual reunion was at the Pedee Women’s Club on Sept. 16. The almost 40 people attending were glad to see Dorothy and wish her a happy 97th birthday, which was on the 20th. 

Darrell and Shirley McBeth invite friends and family to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with them at an open house on Oct. 21, 2 to 5 p.m, at the Women’s Club. They were married at Pedee Church on Oct. 21, 1967. Darrell lived in Pedee all his life, and Shirley was from Falls City.

Last Thursday night, friends and family celebrated Heidi Russell’s birthday at the Pedee Church weekly potluck. Heidi was so happy that her parents, Jon and Linda Hovet, from Creswell, and her brother Isaac and two of his children, Owen and Ava, of Salem, were able to come. I won’t say how old she is, but she’s still very young yet, from my perspective.

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