Ellis takes top job

DALLAS – Greg Ellis no longer has “interim” attached to his title of city manager.



Monday night, the Dallas City Council voted 6-2 to place Ellis in the job permanently.

“I think we have somebody who we know what his track record is,” Councilor Micky Garus said. “He’s been successful in every city he’s gone to. There’s flourishing and their demographics are very similar to Dallas. He’s willing and able and I think we should take advantage of what he brings to the table.”

Ellis will now negotiate a contract that will be approved at the council’s April 16 meeting.

The city has performed criminal and civil background checks on Ellis, received his resume and a letter of recommendation from the city of Jefferson, where he served as an interim city manager.

The vote passed over the objections of councilors Ken Woods and Kelly Gabliks, who both said they wanted to conduct a search for a city manager.

In February, the city council voted to allow Ellis to apply for the job.

“The citizens of Dallas expect the city council to do its due diligence and we need to be transparent about our decision-making process,” Woods said. “How do we know who is interested in the city manager position if we don’t ask?”

Woods added that the process should include citizens.

“So far, we’ve received an undated letter of recommendation from the city of Jefferson where Greg was the interim city manager,” Woods said. “We have not received any letters of recommendation from the cities of Estacada, Independence or Canby where Greg was the city manager or administrator.”

Woods made a motion to extend Ellis’ contract with the city until the end of the year, giving the council time to conduct a search and interview process.

Gabliks said the council didn’t meet to discuss goals or a job profile for the city manager position going forward, nor did it check any references on Ellis.

“The most important thing here is that we did not involve the public,” she said. “We did not involve the public at all and I really find this inconsistent with how the council does business.”

Woods’ motion failed 6-2. Councilor Jackie Lawson motioned to make Ellis permanent, which passed.

“It’s ridiculous for us to put push that off any further rather that just make it a permanent position for the time being,” Lawson said. “We are going through hoops, we are going through hurdles and spending money that we don’t need to when we have the perfect candidate in our midst.”

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