Consolidation not in consideration

DALLAS — The Dallas City Council has rejected a contract to help Sheridan Fire District with administration or moving toward forming a larger fire district including Sheridan and Southwest Polk Rural Fire District.

“I think a fire district at some point in time is the wisest thing for the city of Dallas. However, as a councilman for Dallas, I’m concerned joining with Sheridan, because of distance, is at this time not in our best interest,” said Councilor Bill Hahn.

Dallas Fire Chief Fred Hertel brought the council a list of ways to improve Dallas Fire & EMS service, including consolidation.

The council asked for more information on implementing a public safety utility fee — similar to street maintenance fees proposed in the past — or a local option levy.

“We can do it on our own, the city of Dallas, but we somehow would have to come up with another $1 million in personnel costs,” Hertel said.

If raised with a local option levy, that would cost about $1 per $1,000 of assessed value on properties.

Hertel will provide the council with more information on the fee and levy at the council’s meeting on Monday.

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