Letters to the editor

First defense is law enforcement

This letter is in regard to Mr. Evans’ vision to mobilize the Oregon National Guard to build shelter for the homeless population.

If these individuals truly wanted the help with their addiction and job placement then they would asking for assistance, but yet they remain on the street knowing that law enforcement will not do anything for their abuse of recreational drugs and drinking in public. Law enforcement also needs to crack down on these individuals from camping in parks with their “wagon train” of carts of junk and letting them get away with leaving their trash and belongings behind, costing the tax payer to pay for removal of these items.

The last thing we need is to have the National Guard be mobilized to build structures around the state for these individuals to live. They will only trash and demolish what you build for them at the expense of the tax payers. The liberal agenda will never divert the Homeless Apocalypse.

Jimmy Christensen


Hiring Ellis was right for timing

While I can certainly identify with counselors Woods and Gabliks comments concerning the normal process for hiring a city manager, there are rare times when an imminently qualified person almost drops right into your lap that are worth acting on. I think hiring Greg Ellis, first as our interim city manager, and now on a permanent basis, is one of those times.

My wife and I had the privilege to observe and work with Greg during our city’s recent Rural Development Initiative experience that helped Dallas city government and concerned citizen volunteers who were interested to collaboratively discern several areas where Dallas could move forward with economic development. Greg’s wise council, extensive experience, and team-building personality were on clear display. We also witnessed how he is respected by the city of Independence, where he served during the successful revitalization of their historic downtown.

Greg’s quick work as Interim City Manager to reorganize and restructure our Dallas city government demonstrates his information gathering skills and his ability to take decisive action. We are excited to have someone of Greg’s qualification as our new city manager and look forward to what is to come in our wonderful community of Dallas through his leadership.

Donn W. Anderson


Puppets in House District 23

Recently, I had an epiphany. I saw an image of Trump and instantly thought of Clarabelle Clown from the old “Howdy Doody Show.” Remember Howdy Doody? There was Howdy, a puppet, Buffalo Bob Smith, and Clarabelle. Clarabelle did not speak. Her mouth moved but nothing came out, like Trump. For attention she tooted her horn, like Trump. Considering this phenomenon, I realized that we have such a coincidence right here in Polk County District 23. Our purported representative’s mouth moves but nothing comes out. He uses a horn, now known as dog whistles, to get attention. Amazing.

Fred Brown


Brown, Evans keep Oregon’s circus going

Gov. Brown does not want to let President Trump use Oregon National Guard troops to assist protecting our dominion, our United States borders.

Rep. Paul Evans wants to use the ONG to build shelters for the homeless. This deal has become the Clyde Bailey Circus.

Undocumented illegal border crossers don’t come with their own housing. We cannot house our present population of drug addicts, mentally ill, down on their luck, or downright ornery individuals who don’t want to live anywhere but under a blue tarp. Oregon spent its seed corn on PERS. We don’t have the manpower to haul off the homeless’s buckets of feces, tons of garbage, detritus of living without public services.

Oregon does not have jobs for addicts, mentally deranged, physically hurting, and terminally irresponsible. Yet we have to keep them from literally infecting the general public, from killing themselves and each other, or the public. There is no public system, place, infrastructure to do diddley squat to actually help them, and maybe only a few actually want any help at all.

Gov. Brown, head of the ONG, is a “resister” wanting undocumented residents in Sanctuary Oregon. The ex-military public sector teat-supported Rep Evans wants to use the ONG to create shelter for the homeless, many here illegally, having crossed the border only to need housing which is non-existent. He’d be pleased with mission creep.

Munchhausen’s Oregon Democrats need to hurt you so they can “help” you and be praised. Or they would otherwise be homeless themselves.

John Thomas Jr.


Evans, Jaffer, Martin-Willis for office

Danny Jaffer, Paul Evans, and Kathy Martin-Willis are good friends of mine. They share several other things in common.

All three care deeply about education, health care, and the environment. Kathy, Paul and Danny also are candidates for office in the upcoming primaries.

Paul Evans is a candidate for House District 20. Danny Jaffer is a candidate for House District 23. Kathy Martin-Willis is a candidate for Polk County Commissioner.

We are fortunate to have these individuals running for public office at the same point in time. Please join me in supporting Kathy, Danny and Paul on May 15.

Michael Cairns


Dallas Lions Club grateful

Dallas Lions Club would like to publicly thank the Dallas Community Foundation for their support of our Sight and Hearing Program.

The impact of your funding on the lives of children and adults is incalculable. Annually, for the past three years over 1,200 children in Dallas schools have been provided a quick (generally 30 seconds or less) but powerful vision screening that can identify near and far sightedness, unequal refractive power, eye structure problems, pupil size deviations and eye misalignment.

Parents armed with screening results have had access to additional resources as needed so that their children can see to access their education. And, literally hundreds of adults in our community have received vision and hearing screenings.

With your subsidy we have been able to provide follow-up exams, eye glasses and hearing aids for individuals who have limited resources to acquire a basic right: to see and to hear.

We also would like to commend the Drs. Knowles of Dallas Vision Clinic and Mark Sturtevant of Joyful Sound Hearing who have discounted service fees to stretch our dollars even further.

As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” On behalf of those you have blessed so generously, thank you.

Susan Gartland

Dallas Lions Club


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