Letters to the editor

Bike committee welcomes share

The Monmouth Bicycle Pedestrian Friendly Community Committee congratulates Western Oregon University for its launch of a bicycle sharing program.

It is a major step in making Monmouth a bike friendly community.

About 100 orange, dockless bikes have been placed around Western’s buildings and streets.

They are available for use by anyone who has downloaded the app provided by Spin (search “Spin bike” in your app store), the company that supplies the bikes.

The Spin bikes are intended as a service for rides starting and ending on campus, but users can ride the bike home to their nearby apartment or go to the grocery store before returning the bike to university grounds.

Each bike features a basket big enough to hold two grocery bags.

Spin Bikes must be left parked at or within a few feet of a bike rack on campus by the end of the day.

The Spin bikeshare program was launched just a year ago in cities like Washington, D.C., Miami and Seattle.

We are delighted that Western Oregon University, The Bicycle Shop in Monmouth and Spin have made bikesharing a reality in Monmouth.

Kyle Jansson


Martin-Willis: new way of doing things

In this election, we residents of Polk County have an opportunity to bring about change without compromising the ability of our County Commissioners to carry on the important work they do.

Electing Kathy Martin-Willis as our representative means a fresh outlook and new connections to strengthen our county government.

And Kathy’s experience as an appointed and elected official in Independence means she can hit the ground running.

Challenges are ahead that require a new way of doing business. Kathy is the one candidate who brings that ability.

Join me in supporting this smart, hard-working servant leader.

Elect Kathy Martin-Willis.

Cecelia Koontz


Help boosters with final stretch

The Dallas Booster Club is nearing the finish line of reaching their goal of installing a synthetic all-weather turf field at Dallas High School.

We are only $50,000 away from raising the $800,000 in cash, pledges and in-kind donations needed for this project.

We have a deadline of May 15 to reach our goal in order to receive a $25,000 grant from the Ford Family Foundation, so your help is needed now.

Our goal is to complete the project by the fall of 2018.

We are proud that this has been a community effort and thank everyone who has contributed.

Many school districts simply pay for turf fields, but we have managed to raise it all through private donations.

This will become a year-round facility to be used by PE classes and all age levels of many sports and community activities.

Once this project is completed, Dallas School District has agreed to upgrade the track facility as well.

You may be thinking, “we don’t have kids in school, why should we donate?”

We don’t either; ours played on that very field, but have long since graduated.

So why have we decided to donate generously to this project?

Because its good for all kids — and a good investment in our community. If you can’t make a large donation all at once, please consider the option of using Paypal, and have a smaller amount taken out monthly.

Just go to www.DHSBoosterClub.org to make it happen.

Our gym displays the words, “Dragon Pride,” in big letters.

Once completed, this will become a facility that will live up to those words. Let’s get this done Dragons.

Kevin and Nancy Moen


Re-elect Ainsworth for commissioner

Mike Ainsworth has been our Polk County Commissioner for eight years.

He takes this position seriously.

I have watched Mike Ainsworth give more time and energy to many causes that concern all our local cities.

He works with the Polk County Juvenile Department, Service Integration, Family Building Blocks, FFA and many high school events.

He is dedicated to our communities, and he is honest. Please join me in re-electing Mike Ainsworth for Polk County Commissioner.

Cathy McLean


‘Friends’ thank helpers

On behalf of the Friends of the Dallas Library and as chairperson of the book sale committee, I would like to thank all the volunteers who gave of their time and energy to help make the April book sale a success.

Each of you contributed your special talents, and have been thanked. I hope I didn’t miss anyone, and if I did, I apologize.

I would also like to thank two of the newest volunteers, Steve and Sherrie Van Noy, who donated the use of their “Moving Made Easy” business truck, hand trucks and themselves to help move the books from the civic center back to storage.

You made the transition easier than it’s ever been.

Lastly, I would sincerely like to thank our wonderful community.

You came and bought the books, which helps support your Dallas library. Thank you all.

Dede Perkins


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