Changes start with a chord

The Dallas Church has started offering free guitar lessons to those 10 and older.

The decision was based on a youth survey taken by students in middle and high school throughout the county (see March 21 issue of the Itemizer-Observer). The survey discovered that a good majority of youth wanted to learn how to play an instrument — specifically guitar.

So the pastor stepped up to teach — free of charge.

The youth responded — 18 of them showed up on April 18 to learn the basics of playing guitar.

Ben Bauman is an example of acts. So many times, we get caught up complaining that there isn’t any change, but don’t take the lead in making something different. We are glad that the youth took advantage of the opportunity rather than sit at home and grumble about “being bored.” We hope others who are able will step up and provide other chances for young people to get involved in activities they will enjoy.

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