Council approves city manager contract

DALLAS — The Dallas City Council approved City Manager Greg Ellis’ contract on April 16, the last step making him the permanent city leader.



Ellis’ salary is $12,000 per month, the same amount he made as the interim city manager. As a Public Employees Retirement System retiree, Ellis will be exempt from PERS benefits as Dallas’ city manager.

He will receive a $250 monthly vehicle allowance and won’t participate in the city’s 401A retirement plan.

The draft contract called for a performance review in June 2018 and every June thereafter.

The council voted to appoint Ellis to the position permanently on April 2. His contract took effect immediately and has an indefinite term.

City Attorney Lane Shetterly said the council needed to address if Ellis met the residency requirements of the city charter.

Dallas charter states: “The city manager need not be a resident of the city or that state at the time of appointment, but immediately following appointment, the manager shall become and remain a resident of the city.”

Shetterly said Ellis put an offer on a house in Dallas and the sale closes on May 15.

“I think ‘immediate’ has different meanings in different contexts, and where you have an offer on a property that is scheduled to close within a month, my opinion would be, if it’s suitable to you, that there’s a direct enough flow of events to that closing to satisfy the charter requirement,” Shetterly said.

Ellis offered an interim solution if the council needed him to live in Dallas sooner.

“Greg says if the council is not of the mind to do that, he’s prepared to get a room in a hotel, motel immediately and establish residence that way,” Shetterly said.

The council didn’t require that.

“I would say on the closing date, with the housing market and everything, if the sale should fall through, then you might want to get a room at a hotel,” said Councilor Jennie Rummell.

The contract was approved on a 5-2 vote.

Councilors Ken Woods Jr. and Kelly Gabliks posted the no votes on the contract.

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