DAVC loses events coordinator



DALLAS — Dallas Area Visitors Center Events Coordinator Bonnie Dreier resigned from the organization Thursday after serving 11 years.

JD Shinn, the DAVC director, said Dreier had been planning to leave, though not necessarily just before Summerfest — Dallas’ signature event — kicked off last week.

“It was unplanned, for sure, especially during that time. Bonnie, she had expressed to me that she was getting tired,” Shinn said. “She didn’t put it to me in writing, but she did say that she had given everything that she could and she was going to be leaving pretty soon ... but it came down to the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Sarah Javins, the organization’s administrative assistant, went on maternity leave the same day.

Shinn said he sent Javins home Thursday after a long day, and she went into labor that night.

“She texted me that evening that she was admitted,” he said. “Thursday was a day of adventure, so was Friday. But what was great was there were some people who stepped up and helped us patch things together to make sure that Dallas got Summerfest.”

He credited DAVC volunteers and city staff, especially Parks Manager Eric Totten and the parks department staff and Sheila Pierce, the recreation coordinator for the city, for making sure the event proceeded with as few hiccups as possible.

Shinn said the DAVC lost talent and experience with Dreier’s resignation.

“We lost an asset in Bonnie,” he said. “She served this community well. She gave her whole heart into this position. We were unable, because of some factors in the earlier part of the year, to bring in an additional person in for seasonal employment. With that, it ran her too ragged.”

He said the events position will be filled to assist with the rest of the Polk County Bounty Market and Sounds of Summer Concert Series.

“We will patch together for the next couple weeks on Bounty Market and make that work,” he said. “All the Sounds of Summer stuff is pretty well in motion and doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding. I did talk with one of the lead vendors for the market, Bermudez Farms, and she (Malinda Bermudez) said that she would be willing to step in and help out.”

Longer term, the person who fills that post will need to pick up planning for the annual Christmas kickoff event, Winterfest.

“We have some work done, but that’s not something I’m prepared to handle by myself,” he said. “We’ll be looking for that. I’ve done a bit of feeling around.”

He said interviews may be set up as soon as this week.

Javins’ position will remain vacant until her return, Shinn said.

“I’ll just survive the next month or month and a half,” Shinn said. “Within a couple weeks, there will be some things I can have her do at home. She’ll still be able to relieve the pressure of some of those administrative tasks that she has been amazing with.”

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