Letters to the editor

Monmouth disregards citizens

So much for surveys and citizen input. Another token listen to dissenting residents regarding the 32 acres off Hoffman Road. No citizens spoke in favor of proposed project. Mr. Walker: Please stay in Salem. Just because you can’t sell Salem on its clean water anymore, doesn’t mean you can contaminate it here. Can you say short-term profits for long-term losses.

Louis Stuckey


No peace prize for Trump

The meeting between Trump and Kim Jung Un may be a good thing, but it does not justify a Nobel Peace Prize to someone (Donald J. Trump) who:

1) Withdraws from Iran Nuclear Deal regardless of our allies protests; 2) Says on 11/16/17 if someone is innocent why would they plead the 5th but on 5/7/18 Giulani says Trump may plead 5th in Russian investigation; 3) Employees a staffer who (reportedly) said “John McCain’s opinions don’t matter cause he’s dying”, and never apologizes; 4) Says McCain is not a hero because he was caught by the Viet Cong; 5) Lied when he said he knew nothing about payment to Stormy Daniel but later admits he approved it; 6) Backs out of the Paris Climate Agreement; 7) Blames Democrats for the law that separates children from parents of illegal immigrants when it’s part of his no-tolerance policy; 8) Allows detained children to be kept in cages with mattresses on the floor and milar blankets; 9) Employees Education Secretary Betsy DeVos who states ‘the school safety program will not look at the roll guns played in school violence; 10) Stated during his campaign ‘drug dealers should be put away for a long time but pardons someone sentenced for a drug offense on the request of Kim Kardashian; 11) Still wants wall with Mexico; 12) Has verbally attacked the Prime Minister of Canada, calling Trudeau ‘weak and dishonest’; 13) Removes ban on import of big-game trophies (and his sons are hunters).

Nobel Peace Prize? I sure don’t see it.

Clifford Brown


Free press is the ‘enemy’

All thee hear ye, here ye. By Presidential Proclamatory Tweet Number 5040, Trump has identified the Free Press as “The Enemy of the People,” there-by taking a huge leap toward his dream of becoming supreme leader of these Divided States of ‘Merica. Does anyone else see a direct correlation to 1930s Germany? Where do we get our mandatory golden stars to wear, with the big letter L for Liberal. When do the book burnings begin? Where should we gather with our A.R.’s, tiki torches and sledge hammers to smash the subversive printing presses? And you, by providing aid and support to the Enemy (when you paid to read this newspaper), may have committed treason. Fortunately, our fellow citizen politicians have made sure by their own proclamation that we will have plenty of guns and ammunition, so that the righteous minority can force the supreme leaders will on the treasonous non-believer majority.

Greg Creal


Safety fee needs to go to a vote

Fire department (fee) is a good idea, but if it is only $4 a month, why isn’t the city paying for it? The people had several increases over the years and it is ongoing every year. The city has lost a lot of money on city officials, etc., and can buy property, but have no funds for our roads or our fire department? It needs to go to the voters.

Minet is also a bad idea. Big debt.

Darrell Hanna


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