Meal prices, fees to increase at Dallas schools

Dallas School District students will pay 25 cents more per meal in the 2018-19 school year.

Photo by Jolene Guzman
Dallas School District students will pay 25 cents more per meal in the 2018-19 school year.

DALLAS — School lunch prices and some student fees at Dallas High School — including athletic fees — will increase for the 2018-19 school year.

Breakfast and lunch prices will go up by 25 cents at all schools. Adult lunch prices increased 75 cents.

Debbie MacLean, Dallas’ business manager, said the amount the children paying full price pay is required to increase periodically stay in compliance with federal regulations. The feds reimburse school districts for students in the free and reduced priced meal program.

MacLean said each year districts must assess their lunch program to make sure they are charging enough to meet standards.

“What it tells me is that we must increase by at least 16 cents per meal in order to comply,” MacLean said. “It’s been right at two years since we increased the meal prices. We have to do at least 16 cents. I’m suggesting 25 cents based on the fact clerks are trying to make change. Needing pennies and nickels is quite difficult.”

Lunch prices for 2018-19 will be: DHS — $3.25; LaCreole Middle School — $3; Whitworth, Lyle, and Oakdale Height — $2.75; Morrison — $3.25; and Polk Adolescent Day Treatment Center — $3. Breakfast prices increased to: DHS, LaCreole, Morrison and PADTC — $1.75; and Lyle, Oakdale and Whitworth — $1.50. Adult lunch will increase to $4 and breakfast remains the same at $3.

Fees at DHS for student ID cards will go up by $10 to $30 and parking permits from $10 to $20.

Principal Steve Spencer said the boost in price for the student ID card will help provide free activities to students and more resources for the student council to award grants.

“We are working hard to have no-fee events for kids. After-game dances are no cost, we are trying to reduce fees for prom and those types of things,” Spencer said.

The Dallas School Board also approved a $10 increase per sport for “pay to play” fees. All sports except cheerleading will cost $160. Cheerleading increased to $80 from $75.

Per student caps for the 2018-19 school year will be $320, and the family cap is now $480.

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