More charges filed against Mounce


Polk County Sheriff's Office

DALLAS — Heather Mounce, the former Dallas resident accused of multiple counts of theft, identity theft and criminal mistreatment was arraigned in Polk County Circuit Court on Aug. 14.

Initially accused of 96 crimes, she was arraigned on 98 counts as two more identity theft charges were added.

Now she faces six counts of first-degree theft, 64 counts of identity theft, 24 counts of criminal mistreatment and four counts of aggravated theft.

Mounce, who moved to Idaho earlier in the summer, waited outside the packed courtroom until her case was called. She entered a plea of not guilty to the charges.

During the brief appearance, Mounce’s attorney Jeffrey Jones requested a preliminary hearing, which was set for Sept. 4 at 10:30 a.m. in Courtroom No. 4.

The charges against her were filed in July, nearly a year after her former employers Liz and Mark Weisensee discovered evidence she had been allegedly stealing from their company, OpenRoad Trucking. Mounce disappeared for four days at that time and was rescued off a cliff near Florence.

Mark and Liz Weisensee had prosecutor Sarah Lundstedt read a statement asking Judge Monte Campbell to place Mounce into custody throughout the case proceedings.

“We strongly believe the defendant has a long history of criminal behavior and has no intention of stopping,” Lundstedt read.

The Weisensees employed Mounce from September 2015 to August 2017.

“She acquired a position with us as a human resources manager, using a fabricated resume,” the statement read. “This was a position of trust she then used to carry out theft and manipulation.”

They said they believe if she is out of custody, there will be more victims.

“She is a predator who grooms, discards and moves from victim to victim in all aspects of her life,” the statement said. “This person is the most manipulative and dangerous of anyone we have ever met. The court would be wise to incarcerate her to protect others from her dangerous tactics as the charges will be easy prove in this matter.”

Mounce, who had not yet been booked before the arraignment, was given a conditional release with a stipulation that she appear at all court dates.


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