Wolves start preseason off with scrimmage

A Wolf steals the ball during a scrimmage on Aug. 16.

Photo by Jennifer Biberston
A Wolf steals the ball during a scrimmage on Aug. 16.

MONMOUTH — Fall sports are just around the corner, and the Wolves women’s soccer team participated in a scrimmage against Chemeketa Community College on Thursday to get the preseason started.

“It’s another new year, exciting year,” said head soccer coach Steve Ancheta. “They’re pushing hard, they’re training hard.”

No scores were kept for the game, as it was only a scrimmage, but the women played three 30-minute halves, with five-minute breaks in between.

The Wolves kept the Storm from scoring any goals by keeping up a strong defensive line and posting what would be 11 goals throughout the scrimmage, constantly calling out to one another and keeping a line of communication going.

“(The game) went well,” said mid-fielder Deja Alexander. “I think we used a lot of what we used in practice this week, and we really played well as a team and blended some of the new people on, so I think it went well.”

The Wolves lost two seniors, who graduated in the spring, and added six incoming freshman.

“I think we’re meshing well together,” said forward Sydney Johnson, “which can be hard when a bunch of new people come in.”

One of the reasons the team is clicking so well is the large group of women who have already played a season together.

“We have a strong group of girls who have already spent a year together,” said defensive mid-fielder Dana Jacobs. “It’s really good to have a solid foundation.”

“It helps with continuity right off the bat,” Ancheta said, echoing Jacobs. “I feel like the team is already connected better because they already know each other. That can help us grow quicker than bringing in a new group.”

Last year, the team ended in sixth place in GNAC play, which isn’t where they wanted to be, including losing seven overtime games.

“Overall (the season) was alright, we just had a lot of disappointments,” Alexander said. “I think we just got down, a little frustrated.”

Their attitude is different going into this season.

“Being able to put that last 10 minutes together,” Jacobs said. “No matter how tired we are, we know that in the back of our minds, we need to push forward.”

Mid-September is when the official season begins.

“Sept. 15 is GNAC play. We’re excited,” Ancheta said.

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