Learning, Growing, Reflective and Ready to begin the 2018-19 School Year

I write this article this morning as all five Central School District 13j schools begin their first of three days of professional development and learning together.

With a year under my belt, I reflect on what we have accomplished and the excitement for what is ahead for our students, families, staff, and communities. The community will see several new faces with Central High School Principal, Donna Servignat and Independence Elementary Principal, Nicole Smith at the helm. Their positive impact is already being seen and felt within their school communities.

This August, the Board of Directors also approved Central School District 13j’s four strategic goals and visions, which will be our beacon over the next five years. The process of identifying and developing the goals started with a dreams activity with the entire staff of CSD 13J that asked the following questions:

What are your dreams for our students? What are your dreams for our families? What are your dreams for our communities? What are your dreams for our staff? With those four questions, staff went to their sticky notes and pens and started to write. A process then ensued throughout the 2017-18 school year where administration, building leadership teams, the board of directors, and the entire staff across the district built, revised, and developed Central School District 13j Strategic Goals and Visions.

Goal: Student Growth and Achievement

Vision: Every student is engaged, supported, challenged, and prepared, as a whole child, with the skills and character to achieve and be successful in school, career, college and community.

Goal: Family Involvement

Vision: Central School District 13J fosters a relationship where every family is actively involved in their child’s education and feels welcome, supported, safe and valued.

Goal: Community Partnership

Vision: Partners engage in collaboration with Central School District 13J to cultivate student success for a safe, healthy, prosperous, and inclusive community.

Goal: Staff Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Vision: Staff engage in student-centered decision-making, problem-solving, professional development, focused on continuous improvement and growth, where shared purpose, teamwork, respect and trust drive decisions.

The districts next steps will also involve you, families and communities. Throughout the 2018-19 school year, we will begin to build the district strategic plan and accountability systems. Furthermore, the voices of our families and communities will be important in this process. More information will be shared as the school year ensues. However, if you are interested in being a part of this planning process, please reach out to us at info@central.k12.or.us.

Our work together continues in CSD 13j, as we polish this gem of a school district to support students, families, staff and our great communities. Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

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