CSD addresses 'veiled threats'

Central School District

Central School District

A former Central School District employee has made "veiled threats" regarding current employees, according to a "Safety Bulletin" posted on the district's website.

Below is the full post by Superintendent Jennifer Kubista:

Dear Central School District 13j Parents and Legal Guardians,

We are excited to begin the 2018-19 school year on Wednesday, Sept. 5. As we begin, the safety and security of our students, staff, schools and communities is paramount.

In accordance with providing a safe learning environment, the district has developed comprehensive safety plans for our schools. As part of our safety protocols, we conduct routine drills for fire, earthquakes, natural disasters, and the prevention and response to active violence.

We are fortunate to have outstanding partnerships with the Independence and Monmouth Police Departments. We rely on them for their expert advice and support. An excellent example of this support is our School Resource Officer. Support is also provided in increased police presence at the beginning of the school year and other points throughout the year.

In the spirit of transparent information sharing, I wanted to keep you posted on a current safety issue. Recently a past employee of the district made disparaging comments and veiled threats in relation to certain employee’s personal lives and employment issues. We take all incidents such as this seriously and immediately engaged our police partners. We also worked directly with law enforcement threat assessment teams to determine if there was any specific threat to our communities.

At this time, the threats that were made are continuing to be evaluated by district officials and law enforcement. Based on current circumstances there are no immediate threats to safety, however, the individual who made the statements is no longer allowed on our campuses. We have informed all of our staff members across the district who will report any suspicious activity or incidents. Law enforcement and the district will continue to monitor and the district, in coordination with law enforcement, will update our communities, if there is any new or different concerns and/or information.

If you have concerns or information to share about this or any other situation that affects school safety, please contact the district office at (503) 606-2201 or 24 hours a day, the Safe Oregon Hotline (844) 472-3367 (call or text) or tip@safeoregon.com. This hotline also has an online reporting form which can be found at https://app.safeoregon.com

We have amazing students, staff, families, and community members who continue to learn, grow, live, work and lead together. We again are excited for a new school year in this gem of a School District, Central 13J.


Jennifer Kubista, Ed.D.


Central School District 13J

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