Dragons clash with Spartans for victory

Carter Weisensee pushes through the Spartans to attempt to sink the ball into the basket during their Dec. 7 game.

Photo by Jennifer Biberston
Carter Weisensee pushes through the Spartans to attempt to sink the ball into the basket during their Dec. 7 game.

DALLAS — With 25 fouls against the Hillsboro Spartans and 29 total turnovers, the Dragons boys basketball team took an 82-67 victory Friday night.

It was a battle for the ball from tipoff. The Spartans committed numerous fouls in the first quarter that helped the Dragons snag a lead, which they maintained throughout the contest.

Going into the second quarter, the Dragons were up 26-6. The Spartans struggled to score — their attempts were often overshot, which the Dragons executed on for a total of 23 on defense and nine for offense.

In the play of the evening deep into the second quarter, senior guard Carter Weisensee took possession of the ball and faked an attempt at the basket, throwing it instead to senior James Fennell, who nabbed a layup and brought the score up to 32-7. Senior guard Jack Anderson and senior point guard JR Lafayette also nabbed a layup each, notching the score up to 34-10.

At halftime, the score was 53-21.

“Well I thought we had a spark tonight as a team,” Anderson said. “I felt like nobody shied tonight, and we pushed the ball really well, which led to a lot of fast-paced points, and defense all around was really good.”

It was at the beginning of the third quarter that things started to go south for the Dragons.

“The tale of two halves,” head coach Trent Schwartz said. “The first half was great — we defended well and made shots and executed; we shared the ball; I thought our passing was a lot better than the first game. I was really happy.”

Between the third and fourth, the Dragons only score 13 points, while the Spartans racked up 19, taking advantage of a weaker defense on the Dallas side.

“We talked a lot about not coming out flat at halftime, and we were OK,” Schwartz said. “It was kind of a standstill, and then we kind of dropped off after that so it was kind of a bad way to end it.”

The final two quarters were when some of the newcomers saw some court time, and Schwartz said that may have contributed to the team dropping off.

In the final eight minutes of the game, the Spartans managed to tack on 21 more points to their scoreboard, while the Dragons only clinched nine.

“We could have done a lot better at the end,” Anderson said, echoing his coach. “We had a lot of turnovers, a lot of dumb fouls, but overall one of our best games.”

The Dragons travel to South Albany after press time on Tuesday.

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