Police logs and arrest report

Police logs

Police logs are entries from the daily reports from Dallas Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s office. Not all calls are included. The status of incidents reported may change after investigation.

Dec. 21 at 5:21 p.m., in the 2500 block of James Howe Road: A caller reported the theft of several tools from a metal shed on the property. Estimated loss $3,000. victim requested extra patrols on James Howe Road overnight.

Dec. 22 at 10:51 a.m., in the 800 block of Pioneer Road: A caller reported sometime overnight someone broke into his locking mailbox. There were pry marks on the mailbox and it was found open. The cost to replace the mailbox was estimated at $150.

Dec. 23 at 12:01 a.m., near Pioneer and Ellendale Roads: A deputy took possession of two German Shepherds found on Pioneer. He lodged them at the Dallas pound, emailed animal control and provided them with bedding, food, water and toys.

Dec. 25 at 1:09 p.m., near Butler Hill Road and Highway 22: A deputy stopped to check on a broken down vehicle. He observed the floor of the hatch was burning and about to catch on fire. He looked under the vehicle and saw the tail pipe was pointed directly at the floor of the vehicle. The deputy and the driver were able to take off the tailpipe and the driver was able to leave without causing a car fire.

Arrest report

Information for the police report comes from law enforcement agencies. Not all calls for service are included. The status of arrests reported may change after further investigation. Individuals arrested or suspected of crimes are considered innocent until proven guilty.


Douglas Lance Davis, 80, of Independence on Nov. 8 for five counts of first-degree sex abuse.

Gregoria Antonia Richard, 41, of Independence near Fourth and Monmouth Streets on Dec. 1 for DUII.

Norma Jean Garcia, 35, of Toledo on Dec. 4 for hindering prosecution.

Juan Landeros, Sr., of Dallas, on Dec. 4 for first-degree sex abuse.

Steven A. Dutoit, 70, of Monmouth, near S. 16th Street and Talmadge Road on Dec. 6 for DUII.

Erik Rick Vasquez, 19, on Independence on Dec. 8 for minor in possession, alcohol.

Zacharay Leelynn Stone, 18, on Dec. 12 for third-degree theft, shoplifting.

Michael David Eubanks, 24, of Independence in the 600 block of White Oak Circle on Dec. 12 for reckless endanger and disorderly conduct.

Miguel Carlos Cruz Estrada, 30, of Independence in the 1600 block of Monmouth Street on Dec. 13 for physical harassment.

Guadalupe Junior Villgas, 30, on Dec. 16 for DUII.


Joel Emil Alexander, 54, of Salem, in the 1700 block of Monmouth Street on Nov. 30 for DUII.

Billie Margaret Cross, 31, of Monmouth, in the 400 block of Powell Street on Dec. 7 for violation of release agreement.

Joshua Scott Stanley, 22, of Salem, near Monmouth Street and Gun Club Road S on Dec. 8 for unlawful possession of firearm.

Jesse Allen Higginson, 35, of Redomond, in the 400 block of Pacific Highway on Dec. 10 for unlawful possession of firearm.

Justin Christopher Stevens, 29, of Monmouth, in the 100 block of Main Street on Dec. 11 for failure to appear.

Justin Christopher Stevens, 29, of Monmouth, in the 100 block of Main Street on Dec. 12 for unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

Jessica Michele Singh, 23, of Monmouth, in the 100 block of Catron Street on Dec. 16 for fourth-degree assault.

Stephen C. Cohen, 46, of Independence near Monmouth and S. 11th Streets on Dec. 17 on an out-of-state arrest warrant.


Cesar Lopez, near Front Street NE and Dallas Highway on Dec. 20 for DUII.

Daryl Frederic Marx on Dec. 20 for driving while suspended and DUII.

Michelle Rae Jensen, on Highway 22 near milepost 22 on Dec. 21 for DUII.

Richard Allan Clark, on Highway 22near milepost 12 on Dec. 24 for DUII.

Teri Lynn Daum, on Highway 99 W near milepost 50 on Dec. 25 for DUII.

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