Dallas to roll out red carpet

Friday, the Dallas community will gather at Eola Hills Wine Cellars for a celebration to remember: It’s time for the annual Community Awards Banquet, where citizens and businesses will be recognized for contributing to the community.

The Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce and visitor’s center have worked hard in the last couple of years to revive the event as something to include the entire community.

Last year, the number of awards was parred down to focus on those truly outstanding citizens in our community. This year, it was because of the nominations that one award was brought back: the Lifetime Achievement award.

A few months ago, Rose Burgett retired as a Walmart greeter. She had spent so many years bringing joy to people’s lives that she was nominated for Dallas’ First Citizen.

Dallas Area Visitor’s Center Programs Director said that while Burgett didn’t fit the criteria for First Citizen, she was more than deserving of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

We appreciate that the staff at the visitor’s center and chamber are taking a more thoughtful approach to the awards and the banquet. Moving the event to Eola Hills will provide a different atmosphere than at the Nesmtih Readiness Center, where it was held in years past.

This year promises some surprises, as Bonnie Dreier, of the visitor’s center, said one of the presenters at this year’s banquet is a “big deal,” and not just to those of us in Dallas.

But the real “big deal” is a chance to dine with fellow community members and celebrate those who make Dallas a great place to live each day.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet to attend the gala, there’s still time. See pages A1 and A6 for details about who is winning awards and how to buy tickets.

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