Letters to the Editor

Keep Gentle Woods gentle for kids

Just say, “No.” Gentle Woods Park, in Monmouth, will not be taken away from the families who cherish, respect and enjoy it. Your money creates, improves and maintains municipal parks. City ordinances are clearly written and simple to understand, yet they are poorly enforced. Specifically, Gentle Woods Park has been overtaken by transients. For more than a year, squatters have been given license to deposit unsanitary waste, drug debris and have recently tried to enter a home that borders the grounds. I implore you to immediately call, email, visit or write to Monmouth city officials. Clearly cite the number of children in your guardianship; give our innocents a voice. Please insist upon full enforcement of ordinances which prohibit unauthorized camping plus retention of the existing day-use-only status of Gentle Woods Park. No action by you means that you are in full agreement with the eventuality of rendering all publicly funded parks unsafe.

Kris Dalton


Dallas has good, bad, ugly

I moved to Dallas three-plus years ago from Southern California to be closer to family, a decision I’m glad I made. There are many good things about Dallas, one being the majority of the people here. Most are friendly and helpful, and while working in the yard I can’t guess how many have stopped to say hello or complimented me on things I’ve done to the house. There are great restaurants here — my favorite for breakfast or lunch is Tater’s. Great food and great people working there. For dinner, it’s Chen’s or Murphy’s Grill and Bar. And I love the old architecture of the downtown business district. Fantastic buildings.

I said the majority of the people are good, as someone did break into my house and steal some irreplaceable family pictures. They represent the bad. Another issue is the sale of Safeway to Albertsons. Since the sale, the isles are always stacked with so much stuff it’s hard to get past other shoppers, especially at holidays or other special events, and several items they used to carry are disappearing. I’m not sure it was such a good idea to tear up most of the sidewalks around the courthouse to put in new ones with planting areas in them. I think the money could have been better spent. Plus, why are the city of Dallas utility bills sent out of state for processing?

The ugly, in my opinion, is the addition to the court house. There is nothing to tie the architecture together, and even though I haven’t been in there, I’ve heard the floors don’t line up. The medical building just down the street from Tater’s is more of a match than what was done.

But I’m glad to be here, and plan on staying for several years.

Cliff Brown


Polk No. 1 board member thanks community

As a Polk County Fire District 1 board member, I would like to thank all families in Polk County for supporting the upcoming bond measure. I realize that all families in Polk County work hard for the money that they earn, and it is my desire to respect and honor that work by remaining conservative in spending your money. For that reason, I am supporting and asking you to support the most conservative option for the bond of 19 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. My goal as a board member is to help you maintain as much of your hard-earned income while at the same time providing the necessary needs of the fire department to provide safety and services for you and your family.

Again, I would like to thank you for your support of the upcoming bond necessary to provide your family with both the services they deserve from a fire department and respect of your family income.

Dennis King


Trivia Night for Turf successful

On Feb. 3, Pressed Coffee and Wine Bar hosted a Trivia Night fundraiser for the turf project. Thank you to those who attended. Fifty questions were answered, half general knowledge, and half about Dallas history and sports. We now know what the local team was named before they became the Dragons: Prune Pickers.

A huge thank you to Doug and Rachel, owners of Pressed, for inviting us to their wonderful establishment and to their efficient staff who delivered our delicious food and beverages.

The Booster Club is especially thankful to Dave Shein and his wife Bev. Dave donated his time and talent as emcee, and he had a great mixture of questions. Bev kept things running smoothly. Thank you also to Elegant Floral, Donna Davis, Dallas Yoga, Bel Salon and Kerri Morrison for donating prizes.

Ticket sales and a 50/50 raffle raised $3,184, bringing our total to $605,249 as of Feb. 9. Please visit our webpage at DHSBoosterClub.org for upcoming fundraisers. Let’s get our turf on.

Barbara Chaney


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