Sports Quick Hits


MONMOUTH — Western’s men’s track and field team came in third overall at the GNAC indoor championships on Saturday in Nampa, Idaho. The women finished seventh, almost doubling their point total from last year by 43 points.

David Ribich of Western, named Track Athlete of the Week, was first place in the mile race, with a time of 4.11.08. His teammate Dustin Nading came in second at 4.11.72, and Justin Crosswhite and Parker Marson took third and fourth place, 4.14.39 and 4.14.90, respectively.

Megan Rose and Olivia Woods finished fifth and sixth at the women’s 800 race, with 2.11.98 and 2.12.82, respectively.

Both Western teams scored in the 400 as well, with Aaron Whitaker finishing second for the men’s race, 48.82, and Grayson Burke in seventh for the women, 58.32

Friday, March 2, they head to McMinnville for the Erik Anderson Memorial Icebreaker.

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