New councilor selected in Indy

Odilon Campos-Santos was selected Monday to fill the vacancy on the Independence City Council after Ken Day resigned. Campos-Santos was interviewed alongside Gary Van Horn for the position.

Those were two of the eight people who were interested in serving their city through the city council job — an unpaid position.

We are delighted to see so many people were eager and willing to fill the role of city councilor. It’s not a glamorous job to say the least, and requires work that sometimes goes unappreciated or criticized.

The council chose to narrow down the field of eight to two through a tally system. Each councilor sent the city clerk their top two choices. The city clerk then counted up the votes and narrowed the choices to two.

Monday’s interview process with Van Horn and Campos-Santos was livestreamed on Facebook, allowing anyone who wanted to the opportunity to watch the action.

With so many candidates to fill the term, we wish the council would have taken time to talk to more of them.

Why just two?

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