Citizens help deputies, vice versa

In the last week, deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s have made news in somewhat unusual ways.

It could be filed under business-as-usual, but twice a passer-by took an active role in the public safety of the county and of our deputies.

On Sunday, a citizen reported a man was driving and appeared to be smoking methamphetamine from a glass pipe.

When a Polk County Sheriff’s deputy, aided by Grand Ronde Tribal Police officers and Oregon State Police troopers — and the nose of a K-9 from Newberg Police Department — followed up with a traffic stop, they not only found a driver under the influence of intoxicants, they discovered a quarter pound of meth, a stolen handgun and cash.

On Friday, a citizen saw a muddy scuffle between a deputy and a suspect. Rather than continue on his way, he stopped to assist the deputy.

On Saturday, it was the deputies’ turns to help the community, spending their day off painting rooms at the Titus 3 House, which serves as a transitional home for women exiting jail or prison.

Our law enforcement community — sheriff’s deputies and police departments — are integral parts of our daily lives in Polk County.

We’re happy to see citizens serving as eyes and ears for when problems arise, helping keep our streets free from crime, and to see deputies and officers pitching in to help citizens in a way that doesn’t involve a warrant or a citation.

Keep up the great work, everyone.

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