City seeks to fill Day’s council seat

INDEPENDENCE — After serving one year of a four-year term, Independence City Councilor Ken Day resigned on Jan. 2.

The city of Independence is accepting applications for those interested in filling the council seat.

“The biggest reason was the six city councilors, of those six, only two people were actively involved, myself and Marilyn Morton,” Day said. “So the other people were either not prepared or not actively involved in discussions.”

Day said he had hoped to help improve the city’s transparency.

“The city government wasn’t open and did not consider the public,” he said. “They did not keep the public informed. That was a big reason I ran.”

Without more councilors asking questions, Day said he felt like he and Morton couldn’t change the council.

“You have to get 4-2 for change, and we were 2-4, so I didn’t see anything changing in the near future,” Day said. “People weren’t going to change. Rather than just being frustrated, I resigned.”

Day said he didn’t see the point in spending 30 to 40 hours a month preparing for discussions when nobody else seemed to.

Another factor in his decision was working with City Manager David Clyne. Day said that Clyne had told the council that he would retire when Independence Landing was completed.

“We know that’s two years from now at least,” Day said, “probably closer to four before it’s complete. I don’t need to work with him. I’ve been president of two successful companies. I don’t need to work with a person like him. I’m not going to do it.”

Clyne confirmed that he plans to retire this year.

He had served on the board of directors of Monmouth-Independence Networks and on the parks and recreation board.

Day said he appreciates those serving on council.

“I think it’s important,” he said. “They’re volunteers. They don’t get paid anything. There’s no pay, and there’s no benes. I admire and appreciate the people on council. I just think they need to put in more work to accomplish what’s expected of them.”

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