Vote no on Measure 101

My name is Kevin S. Chambers. I’m running for Oregon House District 20. Having resigned from my previous job, I had to temporarily join OHP, but I’m voting no on 101.

A no vote does not take away coverage for those on OHP.

A no vote is a yes vote on government accountability, management, and responsibility.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted by the majority, money that could have been put towards paying this bill.

The government needs to use our resources responsibly instead of burning through it and demanding more.

Kevin S. Chambers

Candidate for OHD 20


Adopt-A-Family team says thanks

The Dallas Adopt-A-Family team would like to thank the community of Dallas for your amazing generosity and support.

We had 197 donors adopt families and 20 that provided financial support. Thanks to the many churches, businesses, groups, organizations, Christmas Cheer and individual families, we were able to make Christmas a little brighter for 224 families and 17 teens.

This meant food for 1,115 individuals and gifts for 622 children.

We had many people in the community that also volunteered their time and helped to make this happen.

A huge thank you to all of you, I wish I could recognize each of you individually, but the list is too long.

Thanks for making a difference and we hope you will keep us in mind next Christmas.

Happy New Year from the Dallas Adopt-A-Family Team ( Jim and Candace Fowler, Jason Ramos and Nicole Bats/ Salvation Army, Polk County, Dana Goodale, Susan Humphrey, Kathy Spear, Judy Jeffreys, Bev and Derrill Robinson).

Vickie Boer

Dallas Adopt A Family Community Member


POTUS misses mark on diplomacy

Life with the current administration continues to be chaotic as ever.

The tax reform bill gives tax breaks for owners of private jets and golf courses, and gives a tax credit to wine production. How many private jets, golf courses or wineries do you own? Lindsay Graham stated, “If the tax bill works the way I think it will ...”. Shouldn’t he know how it works? The plan also gives permanent cuts to businesses, but individual cuts expire in eight years. Why?

Trump again is calling the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt” and is upset Mueller got thousands of documents from Trump’s transition team.

He previously stated he would talk with Mueller, but now he wants to go through attorneys. Interesting.

Why is off-shore drilling opened off all states except Florida. Why is Florida exempted? Isn’t it strange that Trump has a multi-million-dollar resort in Florida?

On Jan. 11, Trump reportedly calls Haiti and several African countries “s*hole” countries when he learned the immigration plan would restore protection for immigrants from these countries. So much for his “big heart.”

On Jan. 3, Trump states “his nuclear button is bigger than the one in N. Korea.” Let’s continue to antagonize N. Korea. Why can’t Congress settle the DACA situation without a stipulation that a wall is built between the U.S. and Mexico? And when does the wall between the U.S. and Canada start?

Cliff Brown


Trump not good leader of free world

Making America “great” again — a walk in nature is not a round of golf. Thanks to those who voted for Trump. As we enter a new year with the so-called representative of all the American people, a little reflection is in order.

Our POTUS: Blatant tax cheater gives break to those who do not need it. Thus increasing the already widening gap and concentration of wealth and power, also adding fuel to the ill-needed attention of class distribution. Has kept and gained wealth by multiple bankruptcies — great business acumen there.

Has and is less than honorable on contracts with the private sector and, sadly, with other nations.

Will mistreat the environment and our natural resources because it may be profitable.

“I mean, who cares if our children and grandchildren have clean air and water if I can have a job and a big ole gas guzzler now.”

And what about those jobs. No sissy liberal or progressive jobs like solar or wind. I’m talking real drilling, earth shattering ones, and let’s put them in some of the most sensitive and inhospitable places on earth.

Has sold fraudulent services for profit — so-called college.

And, most importantly, how is being sexist and racist not morally wrong in a civilized and democratic society? Sad.

And if you think impeachment may be a solution, don’t forget who is waiting in the wings: Pence and Ryan. Think women’s rights and religion in government, Social Security, and Medicare. Double sad.

Welcome to the herd. Hope you like the brand. Machevelli lives.

Have a peaceful and healthy new year.

Louis Stuckey


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