Whyte takes reins of Dallas planning

DALLAS — The Dallas City Council approved the hire of Scott Whyte as the city’s new planning director.

Whyte started on Friday, and is the first to fill the newly created management position, created when Jason Locke was laid off. Whyte will oversee the planning department and building division, according to the new department structure the council adopted last month.

Whyte has 27 years planning experience, the last 22 of those were spent working for the cities of Hillsboro and Beaverton. As the senior planner for Beaverton, he was the person who meets with developers early in the application process.

“I’ve worked in long-range planning and current planning, lots of development applications I’ve seen through the years,” he said at a council work session last week. “I make sure that they understand standards, and I welcome them to the community. I certainly make sure they know the expectations of the council, what the policies are. I’m just delighted I have the opportunity to serve your city.”

He had 12 years supervisory experience, which included hiring and training new planners.

“There’s rewarding times and there are challenging times,” he said. “Those who are in Beaverton right now, they are really good professionals. There’s some people who are really devoted to serving the public. I love seeing that. That’s the enjoyable part of being a supervisor.”

He said moving from Beaverton to a much smaller community will take some getting used to, but he’s eager to get started.

“I’ve seen a lot of growth, and I see that potential here. This is a great time for development of the community,” he said. “I know it’s a smaller community. I think there’s opportunity here to be a part of some things that I’ve never been, as far as challenges in my career.”

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