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Kids excel at Dallas charter school

Dallas School District is suddenly questioning the learning model that forms the foundation for Dallas Community School. Dallas Community School uses an operational model that has been successfully adopted by many other schools in Oregon. At least six other schools in the state use this unique model, where parents help facilitate learning with close supervision from licensed teachers. When the school was voted into existence by the district’s board, they understood what this model entailed, including Personalized Learning Plans, the prominent role of licensed teachers within the learning plan, the community-based learning approach, and the overarching goal of helping home-schooled kids benefit from public education. The district’s favorable vote and support in 2014 allowed DCS to open in September 2015, to the benefit of over 200 students.

Over the years, DCS brought nine professional-level jobs to Dallas, supported dozens of small businesses through their academic enrichment program and, most importantly, provided services to over 200 kids. The school successfully brought these kids back into public school in a way that makes sense to them and honors their needs.

Oregon’s education system was recently ranked 36th in the nation. Now is the time for Dallas School District to embrace innovation and become a champion for educational programs that meet the needs of marginalized learners. Withdrawing support from Dallas Community School based on the interpretation of a rule that has not been an issue in at least six other Oregon districts would result in devastating loss of critical support to a community of students who need this school and the support it offers.

I urge the district’s board to chart a path forward with DCS. Let DCS staff address development areas while continuing the educational model that has benefited so many students over the past two years.

Wendy Sparks


Free camping offers many risks

The citizens of Monmouth need to make it clear that they reject the current proposal before their City Council for free overnight camping in one of their city parks. While the intent of the proponents is to make it a campground for bicyclists, legally the city cannot prevent its use by anyone, including the worst that Highway 99W has to offer.

One just has to look out at the four marijuana stores nearby (two of which are literally just a stone’s throw away from Gentle Woods Park by someone with a really good arm), to be able to clearly see who the actual occupants are likely to be.

Those of us that work up in Portland drive past large swaths of unauthorized shanty campgrounds along the way every day, some of the transients sleeping within feet of I-5.

When they move on they simply leave their garbage behind for the city (read “taxpayers”) to pickup at their expense.

What limited benefit the city may get from the random bicyclist campers will almost certainly be outweighed by the loss of personal physical safety of our citizens, added community legal liability and the cost of additional taxpayer-supported maintenance. There is simply too little to gain and too much to lose for the citizens of Monmouth.

Remember, “Good intentions are no excuse for poor judgment.” This well-intended campground will only end up a dangerous community cesspool — show your opposition to the Monmouth City Park overnight camping proposal by calling City Hall and voicing your opinion before it is too late.

Rich Graham


No free lunches for anyone

I am somewhat confused by Mr. Mueller’s letter describing costs of illegal immigrants living in the United States.

Benefits given tax free? Mr. Mueller seems to think that all folks have to do is line up for free money. The truth is that our country has never been that generous.

To sign up for “free services” one must bring current proof of citizenship, receipts for rent, utilities, savings accounts, any other income, such as child support, copies of your pay check income, documentation of disabilities, proof of who is in your family.

These “free services” have a time limit of 48 months for life. People on “welfare” for life are actually on SSI, which has its own set of qualifications so tough one needs a lawyer to help you go through the qualifying process. Truth is, Congress is responsible for crafting our immigration policies, which have been basically the same since the 1920s. Immigrants come because they face tough choices at home: discrimination, hunger, war, want of a better economic life.

To give up your home, family ties, culture, language, and to come to a strange place with no guarantee of welcome and very little in your pocket is the stuff of American legend.

There is enough for all in this country. It’s our policies and lack of addressing immigration by Congress that needs to be dealt with in fairness and with an eye toward our the future.

Mr. Mueller, the Social Security Administration has a slush fund, did you know? All those illegal immigrants working with payment into the fund by their employers, using false numbers. It’s running around $6 billion a year. With the GOP telling us that Social Security is running out of money, I’d like to know where the $6 billion is going.

Diane McBurnett


Support greatly appreciated

I would like to thank all those involved with my furthering my education. From those at Dallas Retirement Village, including and especially my boss Linda Saunders, to my husband Alden: who have encouraged me and supported me in my endeavor. The support came both emotionally as well as financially. I can’t thank you all enough. Many thanks.

Sharon Haggith


Walmart team takes Polar Plunge

On Feb. 24, the Walmart WACCOs team will be taking the Polar Plunge at Broughton Beach in Portland to benefit Special Olympics. I would like to thank everyone who has helped us raise approximately $5,000 so far through our bottle drives, candy sales, garage sale and donations. Our last big fundraiser will be at Ugo’s Pizza in Dallas on Feb. 13 from 4 to 8:30 p.m. A portion of the sales will go to Special Olympics.

So come enjoy some pizza and support a great cause!

Hope to see you there.

Suzette Maxfield

Team Walmart WACCOs


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