Pedee News

Debbie Rodriquez attended her company’s annual convention near Portland the week of Jan. 17 and won an award for her excellent work. She is a property manager with Guardian Real Estate Services. It was quite an honor and well deserved. She works long and hard and has much knowledge and expertise on how to keep homes and apartments in top shape.

Paul and Diane Telfer came home from Lyle, Wash., on Sunday, where they were helping out their daughter Helena and son-in-law Keith Christiansen with their new baby, Anton Alan, who was born on Jan. 9. Diane and Paul played with Anton’s sister Calista and brother Felix and held Anton so Mama Helena could get something done. The week before they went to Depot Bay for a short vacation and watched the high waves and a helicopter searching for a man’s body.

There will be a joint baby shower at Linda North’s home on Feb. 17 at 1 p.m. for the expectant mothers in Pedee. Heidi Russell and Casandra Heller are expecting boys, and Amy Plett a girl and all will give birth this spring. If you’d like to come, contact Pedee Church for details, like where Linda lives.

Recently Linda North introduced the congregation in Pedee to Joe Toma, who is collecting items for babies: bottles, towels, soap, diapers, and other baby things. In the past three years, Joe has worked on three projects for the city of Dallas, including collecting items for the homeless in Dallas and the surrounding area, collecting bears for children in bad situations in Polk County, and now his current project. Joe has physical problems himself, but now can speak through a special device on his iPad, which has opened up his world. Please contact Linda at if you’d like to help Joe out.

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