School notes

Tests show coliform in KVCS water

KINGS VALLEY — Kings Valley Charter School closed on Monday through Wednesday (today) to try and correct an issue with its drinking water, said executive director Jamon Ellingson in a press release.

Coliform bacteria was detected in the water supply during two routine tests in December, the release states.

“This is not an emergency,” Ellingson said in the release. “If it had been, you would have been notified immediately.”

Total coliform bacteria are generally not harmful, but are used as an indicator that other, potentially harmful bacteria may be present, he said.

“Coliforms were found in more samples than allowed, and this was a warning of potential problems,” Ellingson said.

No fecal coliform or E. Coli were found in the water system, he said.

On Monday, the system was up and running, but the next part of the process requires a shock chlorination to the distribution system, which has a 24-hour wait period.

“Following this, we will wait for test results from the lab, of which we will have Wednesday morning,” Ellingson said.

The school worked with the Benton County Health Inspector to repair the system and ensure any issues are resolved, Ellingson said.

Classes will continue as scheduled Thursday. The school will provide bottled water if necessary, Ellingson said.

For more information: 541-929-2134.

Distinguished Educator named

DALLAS — Dallas High School teacher Julie Schneidecker, is January’s Distinguished Educator, a program that recognizes excellence in teaching.

Her nominator was Jennie White, a co-worker, who said: “She looks beyond student behavior to what they need and helps them where they are,” White said. “Her door is always open, whether they need someone to talk to, food to eat, or a place to sleep.”

Her students added: “When she started working with Leadership it changed for the better. She steps outside the box which makes us step outside the box.”

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