Heartstrings finds homes for ‘lonely’ bouquets

Linda Taylor makes ‘lonely’ bouquets for people to find.

Photo by Jolene Guzman
Linda Taylor makes ‘lonely’ bouquets for people to find.

DALLAS — Linda Taylor knows that flowers can brighten someone’s day.

Often her randomly placed bouquets find their way into the hands of someone who needs a little boost.

Recently, Taylor, the owner of Heartstrings Florists & Artisans in Dallas, placed a bouquet at the gazebo at Dallas Retirement Village.

“A lady said, ‘I found them and I gave them to a lady who just lost her husband a week ago and she was having a hard time. She really enjoyed those,’” Taylor said. “A lot of times they are finding them and passing them on to somebody else.”

About five years ago, Taylor found out about two programs florists across the planet participate in, Pass the Petals and Lonely Bouquet. The first has people passing a bouquet of flowers on to someone else every hour. Lonely Bouquet has Taylor placing a bundle of flowers in random places for people to find.

She discovered the programs from a Facebook page for florists.

“They were talking about it on that. I thought ‘That’s really cool,’” she said. “I started googling it and got the rest of the information about what to write on a card and all that. I thought ‘I’m going to do this,’ and it’s been fun.”

One of her bouquets made its way up to a drive-thru coffee stand in Washington. It started its journey at Grandma’s Attic in downtown Dallas.

“That one that ended up in Washington blew me away,” Taylor said.

She leaves a card with instructions for the people to find them, along with the Heartstrings website, Facebook page and phone number. People will call or post about where they found the flowers and what they did with them.

“They call and say, ‘you just brightened my day,’ or, ‘I was having a rough day and I found these at the bus stop,’” she said. “It’s just random places that we put them where we know they will be found — the park, bus stop benches.”

Taylor said she puts together bouquets when she has more flowers than she can sell — or just wants to offer a little joy in the form of flowers.

“It’s fun to find out where they end up,” she said. “It’s just something that’s unexpected and it makes people smile.”

For more information: Heartstrings Florist & Artisans, 503-831-1410 or www.heartstringsflorist.com.

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